Camille Grammer Biography

Gender: Female

Camille Donatacci now known as Camille Grammer appeared in the Broadway show "Dreamtime" at The Ed Sullivan Theater

Show title:



Ed Sullivan Theater

1697 Broadway

New York, NY 10036

June 23, 1992 to November 22, 1992

Category: Musical, original, multimedia, Broadway

Songs in this production:





What Hit You

The Challenge

Never Give Up

The Temptation

Steve’s Dream

I’m Not Sleeping

The Contract

The Power


The Calm

Building A Temple

The Vision



Opening Night production Credits

Theatre Owned/Operated By: Captain N.Y. / 1125 Productions

Produced by: David Niles

Produced by: 1125 Productions

Created by: David Niles & Marc Cerrone

Music & Lyrics by: Marc Cerrone

Additional Lyrics by: Bob Mitchell

Additional Music by: Charles Olins

Book by: David Niles

Based on an original story by: Marc Cerrone

Directed by: David Niles

Choreographed by: David Wolfson

Scenic Design by: David Niles

Sound Design by: Therry Rogan, Didier Bader

Hair & make-up Design by: Paulette Elkind

Music Director: Graham Perkins

HDTV Video Production Sequences by: David Niles

Production Assistants: Nathalie Lozeau, Jon McDonald, Frederic Galfo, Michelle Graves

Music Publishing: NAC/EMORE/OLINS

Associate Producer: Kathleen Canton

Production Stage Manager: Christopher I. Dee

Assistant Director: Mami Katoh

Facilities/House Manager: Christopher I. Dee

Technicians: Jim Chubby, H. Belefon

Lighting Programming: Jay Perez

Legal Counsel: Rosenman & Colin, Andrew Schoen, Alexander Hartnett, Jean Ennochi

Insurance: New Northern Insurance

Accounting: BDO Seidman

Opening Night Cast:

Actor – (Role)

Eddie Bracken – (The Chief)

Sonia Jones – (The Woman)

Steve Overland – (The Man)

Ivy Seine – (The Lioness)

Telly Bisone – (The Witness)

Bonnie Comley - (The Fan)

Stephanie Daniels – (Friend)

Glenn Weiner – (Friend)

Carol Platz – (Friend)

Martin Pfefferkorn – (Friend)

Mami Katoh – (Friend)

Beth Boltuch – (Chorus/Ensemble)

Frank Cava – (Chorus/Ensemble)

Cynthia Clark – (Chorus/Ensemble)

Mindy Cooper – (Chorus/Ensemble)

Elizabeth Mozer – (Chorus/Ensemble)


Jeanne Neyman -Ensemble

Patricia O’Callaghan- Ensemble

Heidi Weeks - Ensemble

Diane DeNoble - Ensemble

Kari Nissena - Ensemble

HDTV Video Cast: Deirdre Coleman, Natcha Perard, Camille Donatacci, Jordi Caballero, David Elder, Suzanne Phillips, Ann-Brigitte Sirios, Tira

Vintage Video: Ira Gallen