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BWW BLOG: Dear Future (Oklahoma City University Performance) Freshmen

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BWW BLOG: Dear Future (Oklahoma City University Performance) Freshmen

Jess here. Congrats on finishing your senior year of high school! With summer vacation ahead of us, I thought it might be helpful to jot down a few things (both educational and not-so educational) for any future OCU STARS who happen to stumble upon this blog. Enjoy this brief, not-preachy-at-all recollection of what I've learned this past year. I hope to enlighten you about the beautiful school I call home; Oklahoma City University.

Let me begin by saying that you are going to love your class. The great thing about college is that no one really knows anyone yet (no matter HOW many of them come from Texas). I am a bit socially awkward and I really didn't think my class was going to want to put up with me, but never have I been so wrong. OCU does a wonderful job of accepting beautiful, talented and SUPPORTIVE students, and I know the incoming class of 2022 will continue the longstanding tradition of lifting each other up.

That's really one of the best things about OCU. I don't feel like it's a competition because: A - The kids are great, and B - There are so many opportunities to perform. Whether it's a Mainstage production, Stage 2, Spotlight, Out of the Box, Shadow Collective, Stripped, etc., the chances to get out onstage and practice your craft are ENDLESS. I had the chance to understudy a wonderful play produced by Out of the Box and I learned so much just by watching how the show was put together in 3('ish) weeks (we had snow days, it was complicated).

The shows you see will blow your mind. And you should, by the way, go see as many as possible. I did my best this year to go out and see every production and it was super humbling to see my peers doing what they love to do and excelling at it. One production I saw but didn't have the chance to write up was "Urinetown" by Stripped. THAT SHOW. OH MY GOODNESS. It was so good. It was such an incredible production and I was blown away by the choreography and vocal finesse (which I have never used to describe any show before). The productions on campus are so important to see and you really should go support your pals and enjoy some beautiful work.

You might get a little lonely sometimes. It's rough, you know. Just kinda getting tossed into a new place and being like, "Wow, ok I guess I'm supposed to function as an adult now." And I still haven't completely figured it out, which is ok. Navigating what you need to do to stay afloat and thrive during your first year is exciting, and you'll meet an endless number of new people along the way. Not all of them will be good. But that's ok. There are so many great people on campus who will help you out the second you ask them. And honestly, I think that's what makes OCU such a good place. It's a home away from home, an oasis...a second home. And you may be lonely sometimes, but you will never be alone.

Anyway, hope my blabbering did some good. See you in the fall, STAR.


A future musical theatre sophomore

"Bending with the road, gliding through the countryside. Everybody merrily, merrily, sing 'em your song, rolling along!" -Stephen Sondheim

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