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Hyacinth and Apollo at Dixon Place




Dixon Place

161A Chrystie Street
New York City,NY 10002

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Phone: 212-219-0736

Hyacinth and Apollo in Off-Off-Broadway

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Hyacinth doesnt know how to ask for what he wants. Apollo wants and receives. Thamyris cant stop wanting everything in the whole wide world. The sheep keep it all moving along. This is a tragedy, and we are in the business of tragedies. Even when were tired of them. If it was your story, would you tell it any differently?

Dixon Place Frequently Asked Questions

What shows are coming up next at Dixon Place
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Under Exposed (2/3-2/3)
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Where is Dixon Place located?
Dixon Place is at 161A Chrystie Street, New York City, NY.

What shows have played recently at Dixon Place
Bill's 44th (6/15/21-6/15/21)
The Rooster and the Trinary Matrix (3/13/20-3/13/20)
S.A.D.F.Ü.K.C. (3/7/20-3/7/20)
Under Exposed (3/3/20-3/3/20)
Resilience (2/29/20-2/29/20)
Femme Fest 2020 feat. Lisa Natoli & Marisa Lark Wallin (2/26/20-2/26/20)
Burnt-Out Wife (2/21/20-2/28/20)
Type Me Queer (2/19/20-2/19/20)
On 1 Condition (2/15/20-2/15/20)

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