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Thornhill Theatre Space Presents WHISPERS IN THE DARK

The program will start on Sunday, October 25th and run the whole week with a different performance (or two) each day,

Thornhill Theatre Space has announced their spine chilling 2020 Halloween Event, "Whispers in the Dark", a week of twisted tales from around the world. During the week leading up to Halloween, join them on their Facebook page as they present petrifying performances from Malaysia, Turkey, England, Ireland and America!

"Coming off the success of our award winning world wide virtual fringe festival, I knew we had to produce a Halloween event and I wanted that to feature camp fire style ghost stories from around the world", stated TTS Artistic Director Ryan Thornhill

"Whispers in the Dark" will start on Sunday, October 25th and run the whole week with a different performance (or two) each day ending on Halloween Night.

Starting off in America, Tom Steward from Lonesome Whistle Productions will be live on Facebook taking you back to 1992 with a terrible tale of televisual trama! Children across Britain were diagnosed with PTSD after viewing BBC One's broadcast of GHOSTWATCH on All Hallows Eve. Ten-year old Tom was right there with them. In advance of the Halloween Facebook viewing event GHOST WATCH PARTY, Lonesome Whistle Productions Presents a twisted ten-minute testimonial tailor-made for Whispers in The Dark.

Next we head across the pond to England for our next three performances and we start with with Natascha Grahams "Confessions: The Hour". More than 80 percent of women have been assaulted or sexually harassed by men. This is the story of the hours following the moment a woman takes matters into her own hands. "Silence in the Library" by Benjamin Peel is next. A man recounts a story about what he was told happened when a couple of young photographers documented an abandoned library. Moth Sanctuary Productions is known for their lockdown initiative, an audio drama series titled "Penny Dreadfuls" and for this event they have created a performance titled "Alice's Shadow" by Chloe Gorman. "Alice's Shadow" is a story of a woman who suffers from night terrors. She wakes in the night to find her window is open when she is sure she closed it before going to bed. Determined to face her fears and not wake her partner, she makes to close the window herself. But, as her fear of the dark takes over, she starts to see shadows moving across her room. Are they her imagination, or something more sinister?

Next we are back in America for a performance titled "SELKIE" by Donna Latham. The sea gives. And the sea takes. Seven years after a brutish fisherman stole her sealskin and forced her to become his wife on land, a selkie discovers the precious coat. Before she returns to her long-lost seal husband and daughters, she exacts revenge long years in the making. "SELKIE" will be performed by UK actor Tori Lee.

The day before Halloween takes us first to Turkey with a traditional Turkish Tale created and performed Paul Zarraga. Hak, Dostum, Hak - It is true, my friend, it is true, that in ancient times there was a beautiful palace beneath the hills near Tarsus. There lived Queen Şahmaran, a woman with the body of a snake who struck terror into the hearts of the townsfolk. I am a meddah and my name is Story. Listen carefully to the tale of Şahmaran for it is true although believe me when I tell you that the truth is not always what it seems. And our second Halloween Eve performance comes from Danse Macabre Productions in England. "The Shadow" is a story of a man that loses touch with himself to the point he can no longer control his own shadow. Then the sun goes down and things get even worse...

Halloween day brings a line-up from Malaysia and Ireland. Pop-up Theatre Company in Malaysia presents a new play by Scott McQuaid titled "The Forgotten Man". The dark thriller is hosted by Luqman Shuaib, who introduces the story of an attorney, Mr. Darling, played by Bryan Tiang, arriving at a secluded manor house, to conclude business of a will left to The Widow, played by Alexandria Tan. Upon arriving at the estate, Mr. Darling is greeted by the acting butler, The Thin Man, played by Damien Zachary, and soon discovers that all is not what it seems. "Whispers in the Dark" wraps up with a new piece from Ireland titled "The Massacre at Ipswich" by Dylan De Paor. US government employee Stanley Reid has the unenviable job of filing cold case files dating back over a century, deep in the bowels of the Pentagon. The monotony of the task is lessened, when Stanley comes across a file labelled "THE MASSACRE AT IPSWICH". The file contains the final journal entry of Captain T.H. Whitaker, harbourmaster of Ipswich, Massacheusetts, from the Autumn of 1923. The story which Whitaker recounts is one which will stay with Stanley until his dying day.

"It's going to be an exciting week with some very diverse performances from all corners of the globe, we are very excited to be working with such amazing individuals and companies and being a space where they can showcase their work", Thornhill added. "Whispers in the Dark will premiere on Sunday, October 25th and run the whole week until Halloween Day all on our Facebook page, Thornhill Theatre Space. Make sure to like and comment on the performances you watch and let us know what you think. You can also use our hashtag #TTSWhispers when making posts and we can follow along on your watching journey!"

Thornhill Theatre Space is a digital, social media theatre space that is dedicated to being a space to showcase events from theatre companies all over the globe and give them a global audience. TTS started as a direct effect of the COVID-19 pandemic with a series titled "Couch Readings" which was live stream table readings of new plays and has been growing ever since.


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