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BWW Review: GAZILLION BUBBLE SHOW Is Fun For The Whole Family

BWW Review: GAZILLION BUBBLE SHOW Is Fun For The Whole Family

Like most things in New York City, one can judge the quality of something by how long it's been around. From restaurants to boutiques to shows, the power is in popularity and perseverance. Going strong on stage in NYC since 2007, the Gazillion Bubble Show has proven it has both, plus a little something extra: the ability to strike wonder.

The Gazillion Bubble Show is showing Off-Broadway at New World Stages (340 West 50th Street). It was started by the Master of Bubbles himself, Fan Yang, who is a sixteen-time Guiness World Record holder for his "incredibubble" skills, such as creating the world's biggest bubble. The show is a true family collaboration for Fan, as he has roped in his wife Ana, son Deni, daughter Melody, and brother Jano as fellow performers both onstage in New York and also worldwide. The family has made appearances everywhere from The Oprah Winfrey show to Good Morning America, showcasing their brilliant bubble skills.

The performance I saw featured Deni, who got rounds of "ohhs!" and "ahhs!" from the audience during the duration of the show. The show includes a fabulous mix of artistry and science, including giant bubbles that take up the entire span of the stage, children being caught inside bubbles, light shows featuring bubbles of all colors of the rainbow, and even an underwater bubble extravaganza that would have you believing you were exploring the depths of the crystal clear Caribbean waters.

My personal favorite scene was the snowy day one. Deni brought an eager volunteer onto the stage, an adorable 4 year old from New Jersey, and told her the story about how his niece in Hawaii wished nothing more than to experience her first snow. Since there was very little chance she'd actually get graced with snowflakes in her tropical paradise, he used his bubble machines to magically create gazillions of tiny bubbles, positively filling up the entire yard, to create a snowy day for her. Even being in a dark NYC theater in the middle of a hot August day, I momentarily felt transported to a faraway snowy world, being surrounded by snowflakes, err, bubbles...over, under, left, and right, as far as the eye could see. And the tiny volunteer on the stage? Clearly having the best day of her life.

In addition to the bubbles (obviously the stars of the show, no matter what size or shape), there were also plenty of other creative outlets being used in the form of video projections to share the backstory of how the family got into the bubble business, music soundscapes, foggy effects, voiceovers, and laser light shows. It sounds like sensory overload if you haven't experienced it, but I promise it all melded together just perfectly, forming an hour of theater that will likely be the cause of creating New York's next generation of avid theater goers.

The Gazillion Bubble Show is the perfect show for little New Yorkers (and little visitors from all over the world), because it truly does cater to all age groups, 1 to 100! Whether you have toddlers or tweens, this show has appeal to them all...and grown-ups, yes, you will love it, too. I first brought my son to see the show when he was one, and he and I were completely mesmerized. And while everyone must have a ticket, if your child is two or under you can purchase a "lap ticket" directly from the box office for $20. Even if your child doesn't get called onto the stage for audience participation, there's still plenty of opportunities to catch a bubble, pop a bubble, marvel at bubbles, and to have an all around un(bubble)lievable time. No matter your age, you'll leave the theater with a memory, a smile, and a renewed sense of wonder.

The Gazillion Bubble Show plays an open-ended run at New World Stages. Approximately 1 hour, no intermission. Show is appropriate for all age children and their grown-ups.

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