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Jessica Bowen - Page

Jessica Bowen Jessica Tiare Bowen is a NYC mama and avid theater goer (often at the same time), finding inspiration and joy in those little big city moments. You can follow her city adventures, both in and out of theaters, at @usedyorkcity.



BWW Review: GAZILLION BUBBLE SHOW Is Fun For The Whole Family
August 9, 2019

Like most things in New York City, one can judge the quality of something by how long it's been around. From restaurants to boutiques to shows, the power is in popularity and perseverance. Going strong on stage in NYC since 2007, the Gazillion Bubble Show has proven it has both, plus a little something extra: the ability to strike wonder.

BWW Review: BLUE MAN GROUP Shows NYC What Connection Is All About
August 16, 2019

Performance art. Living in New York City, we're surrounded by it daily: musicians jamming in Central Park, subway buskers moving between train cars to perform backflips and handsprings, the occasional flash mob coming out of nowhere and creating the perfect Instastory. But even though we're blessed to be in contact with these gifted performers on a regular basis, there's nothing that quite compares to the magic of the Blue Man Group. They're performance. They're art. They're the ultimate performance art that will rival anything you've ever seen before.