30 DAYS OF NYMF: Day 14- Le Cabaret Grimm

30-DAYS-OF-NYMF-Day-14-Le-Cabaret-Grimm-20010101Book and Lyrics by Jason Slavick
Music by Cassandra Marsh

"Veronique is back!" I wrote as I sent my mother a picture of me in a black bob wig. I hadn't worn the thing in 2 years, and I was surprised at how quickly and easily I slipped back in to the slinky character. In fact, I think my voice automatically gets deeper as my hair gets shorter!

Now, looking at me, I don't exactly scream "French dominatrix". I'm all of 5 foot 5, with waist length blonde hair and a tan. But there is something really fantastic about getting to play a character that is literally your polar opposite. It allows you to say things and react in ways that you would maybe be too embarrassed or scared to do as yourself. In the two years since Le Cabaret Grimm premiered, I've been in two of the most daunting places a single, 24 year old girl could live: New York City, and a cruise ship! I can be at a bar, totally checking a guy out, and not do a damn thing about it because he is already talking to 15 of the hottest girls in NYC, and how I could I ever take on that?!? Or at least, that is what my brain is telling me. But after the privilege of "getting to know" the fabulous Veronique, I have not only learned to have confidence in my own sexuality, but also some damn good pick up lines!

I can't speak for anyone but myself, but one of the reasons I love acting is getting the chance to experience life as someone else; to do, say and be out of the ordinary. And in Le Cabaret Grimm I can safely say that Haley leaves the room, and Veronique is back...

To buy tickets or to learn more about Le Cabaret Grimm go to www.nymf.org/lecabaretgrimm or call 212-352-3101


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