30 DAYS OF NYMF: Day 12- In The Night

30 DAYS OF NYMF: Day 12- In The NightWritten and Directed by Goetz Neumann
Choreographed by Karen D. Savage

"Every play needs a good start. If you have a good beginning, the rest just follows automatically. " So begins the journey of In The Night's main character, ghost writer and wannabe actress Jane.

Reading the script for the first time, I thought perhaps I too had found a new beginning. The film chronicles both Jane as she burns the midnight oil, frantically writing her next script, and the characters in her story-a troupe of actors, abandoned by their director and left to create a show on their own. The actors struggle at first, unused to treading without the guidelines of script and direction, but grow to rejoice in the freedom of expression. Ultimately, through creating their own show, the actors (and thus Jane, herself) are able to tell the stories they've always longed to share but never before knew how.

As an actor myself, there's little I love more than a good story. Even better if the story celebrates my chosen profession. Extra points if it comes attached with four weeks of shooting in Germany, and a week in Los Angeles...now there's a story! And that became my journey with this film, the "Little Musical Film That Could".

And it did! I first sat down with the script to In The Night two and a half years ago. To see it grow from page to production to projector has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. It's a whimsical, fantastical celebration of the ups and downs that come with a life in the arts, and a tribute to the roots and craft that make up the theatre. There is no more fitting place to host In The Night's premiere than as a part of NYMF, in the musical theatre capital of the world.

To buy tickets or to learn more about In The Night go to www.nymf.org/inthenight or call 212-352-3101





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