New Shows to be Added; Also BAA season 10-11

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Anyone know or think they may add another show or two to the season? Maybe as a special? Also, does anyone have any guesses to as to what will be coming here next year, and if the Saenger isn't open by the start of the season, will tours continue to tour at the Mahalia, even when the Saenger opens too? More chances for more shows to come maybe? :) Thanks!
Shows: Wicked 9.20.08; Wicked 3.14.09; Wicked 4.11.09; Cats 10.27.09; Legally Blonde 11.25.09; Chicago 11.27.09; Wicked 11.27.09; The Color Purple 12.1.09; Wicked 3.25.10; Wicked 3.26.10; Wicked 3.27.10; Wicked 3.28.10; Wicked 4.2.10; Wicked 4.3.10 (Evening and Matinee); Wicked 4.9.10; Wicked 4.10.10; Wicked 4.11.10; The Color Purple 4.24.10;