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DIE WALKÜRE by Wagner show poster

DIE WALKÜRE by Wagner at Union County Performing Arts Center

Dates: (7/27/2024 )


Union County Performing Arts Center

New Jersey Opera Theater

1601 Irving Street
Rahway ,NJ 07065

Phone: 7324998226

Tickets: $10-$60

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Before there was The Lord of the Rings, there was The Ring Cycle, of which DIE WALKÜRE is a part. A series of four operas by Richard Wagner, The Ring Cycle is based loosely on Norse mythology.

The story revolves around a magic ring that grants the power to rule the world, forged by Alberich from the gold he stole from mermaids in the River Rhine. Crushed by his loss, Alberich lays a curse on the ring: until it returns to him, it will inspire restless jealousy in those who won it and murderous envy in those who don’t, thus condemning all the possessors of the ring.

Several mythic figures struggle for possession of the ring, including Wotan (Odin), the chief of the gods. Wotan’s scheme spanning generations, to overcome his limitations, drives much of the action of the story. DIE WALKÜRE is where all of Wotan’s earthly and celestial children get caught up in his mess from the curse of the ring. During DIE WALKÜRE Act 1, we get to meet Wotan’s earthly love children and learn of their cursed past. Yes, Wotan had an affair with a mortal woman, which really upset his Goddess wife, Fricka, which we hear about in Act 2. Wotan’s other daughter, Brünnhilde, is forced by her father to do something to make Fricka happy, but she disobeys her father and stepmother. (BACKSTORY: Yes, Brünnhilde and her 8 sisters are the love children of Erde, not Fricka. Oh, that Wotan! So do you see where this family dynamic is going?!) Because of Brünnhilde’s betrayal, all hell breaks loose, which brings us to The Ride of the Valkyries in Act 3. To find out how Alberich’s curse has destroyed this celestial family, please come to the show!

Did you know? Wagner wrote both the libretto and the music over the course of approximately 26 years, from 1848-1874, and although the individual operas (DAS RHEINGOLD, DIE WALKÜRE, SIEGFRIED AND GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG) are performed as standalone shows, Wagner wanted them to be performed as a series.

This production will take place during the 1920s to pay tribute to the history of Union County Performing Arts Center’s Main Stage, which was built in 1928 and is currently celebrating its 95th anniversary. To keep the 1920s atmosphere, we will use the theater’s original “Biggest Little Wurlitzer” organ with the New Jersey Opera Theater Orchestra. Please come dressed in your favorite 1920s (think The Great Gatsby and Boardwalk Empire) attire! A 1920s-style Jazz Band will play during two intermissions with cocktails and appetizers. Come celebrate our incredible evening of Wagner and Jazz!


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