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BWW Blog: Influence

BWW Blog: InfluenceSo far in 2019 I've been honored to work on so many projects that make my heart sing! I got to work with the NJ Thespian Society, audition more often, perform in plays, book performing gigs, and act in film and video projects. While looking back at the things I've done in the month of March, I wrote a reflection and posted it to my social media on Instagram and Facebook. Below is an expanded version of that post- but here I don't feel the need to condense my thoughts and can further discuss the POWER OF INFLUENCE in regards to THEATRE!

I always feel so motivated when this quarter of the year comes around, not only because it is my birth month but also because it is Theatre in Our Schools Month and Women's History Month!

As March comes to a close I can look back at the things I've done and feel so humbled and grateful for the opportunities in my life. I ventured into the world of dance taking jazz classes and drafted a theatre project. Along with that I also filmed on three different sets for three completely different projects- all that in the span of one week! As I think of these beautiful memories this past month, I try to look at the different practices I am taking to better myself as a human.

If you know me, you know I absolutely love car rides listening to podcasts! One day in particular the Women's History Month spirit, I listened to an interview with Dr. Tererai Trent on the Marie Forleo show and couldn't help but find myself holding back tears at her inspirational story. Dr. Trent went from being an abused teenage mother of four living in Zimbabwe with no hope to break out of poverty, to now being a doctoral graduate and women empowerment leader. Learning about this beautiful leader and many more influential women in the world is what Women's History Month is about! But what does this have to do with theatre?

I am aware I can't try to change the world in one day! However, I found myself in the past month inspired more than ever to use any platform I have to MAKE A slight CHANGE. We are blessed to have quick forms of communication such as social media to spread the word about topics such as poverty, environmentalism, mental health, etc. As an app broadcaster I make sure discuss humanism and real world issues while also engaging in my day-to-day lifestyle. We have so many outlets and channels to reach others and we can use it for good. And what is the perfect art form that allows people to gather a group of humans for the sole purpose of viewing? THEATRE!

Being a performer it is clear to see that theatre is a way in which we can use our platform to SPREAD A MESSAGE. We tell stories and perform before audiences and have the ability to affect others, and perhaps inspire. And NO this is not a way of me saying "Wowee! I'm such a great human! I'm going to put this on the good ol Interwebz!" Or anything along those lines, but instead this is me doing exactly what I said we should all do- USE OUR PLATFORMS, no matter how small, to make a difference! Whether the crowd be a sold out theater or just a single person sitting in a chair in front of you- we should use our audience, no matter how small, to make a difference.

I see "influencers" online who rather post memes, selfies, or lattes (don't get me wrong- I love that stuff! You do you! I am all for that!) BUT I do believe that if you have a platform, you should ALSO use it to spread a message you believe in. The world needs more humanity and real influencers. The world needs theatre appreciation. Let's spread the love and positive messages.

Cover photo by: Tara Lundrigan

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