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BWW Blog: Dear Class of 2025

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Let’s go class of 2025! You’re gonna work, belt, and kick face this audition season  and I can’t wait to see you all shine!

BWW Blog: Dear Class of 2025

I know these are unprecedented times- and what a cliché opener I'm sure you've now heard hundreds of times. I can't pretend that I know what this college audition year will be like. It is sure to be different that anything that schools have done in the past. I do know that schools will do everything to make sure that you still have an awesome audition season, even from your living room. After all, they still need a freshman class next year!

Remember why you want to go into theater in the first place. Whether you were onstage in diapers or just discovered theater in high school, you do it because you love it. It's a passion and drive that can be fueled by nothing else in the world. It's corny but absolutely true, nobody goes into theater to become rich. And if that is why you're going into theater ... well then, the pandemic might not be the biggest problem on your hands.

What I do know is that schools are doing the most to ensure their students are still getting the best training possible. Whether it be in person, hybrid, or virtual, these programs have now had months to put together tools and resources to make sure we can continue to get the most out of our education during these times. Their skills, resources and knowledge in how to teach right now will only continue to grow. We can only hope we'll have returned to normal by next fall but know that you're in safe hands either way. By the time you graduate, I hope we're seeing the industry flourish with a craving for live art we've been missing during these times.

If you get confused or overwhelmed at times, know that it's okay. This is new for everyone. It may feel like you're alone in this process but know that you have a whole class of students going through the same audition process as you (and there are tons of great venues on social media where you can connect with one another). And it's new for the schools too! Don't be afraid to ask questions or reach out for help. The faculty will do what they can to help and current students are also great resources to reach out to with questions.

Live theater will return and now more than ever, we need a future generation of artists to help fill that need. Just look at how much people turned to art during the pandemic, from books and music to TV shows and movies. You are valued, you are needed, and you are wanted.

So, let's go class of 2025! You're gonna work, belt, and kick face this audition season and I can't wait to see you all shine!

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From This Author Student Blogger: Matthew Green