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BWW Blog: Back at BroadwayWorld! (An Introduction)

BWW Blog: Back at BroadwayWorld! (An Introduction)

So it's been more than a year...! I previously wrote for BroadwayWorld's High School Center from 2016-2017 as a junior and senior in high school. With senior year stress, college craziness, and this huge transition in life, I had to take a break from writing. During the break from my last post (which you can view here), A LOT has happened. But first, let me introduce myself!

My name is Sarah Osman and I'm a current college sophomore majoring in performing arts. I previously attended a performing arts high school, where my passions for performing and the arts were ignited. There, I found my love for acting and was constantly inspired by the people who surrounded me. It was a wild ride and you can view my past adventures by looking at my high school BroadwayWorld Blogs here!

Since last writing I've- graduated high school, competed and ranked superior at the International Thespian Society Festival 2017, earned some acting awards, got onto the New Jersey state board for ITS, started college, got contracted jobs as a theater techie, worked on some films and commercials, started modeling, got an agent, and tried to dive into all sorts of things! It was a time of exploration and trying my best to balance things without overworking myself. In the times I did overwork myself, I found ways to practice mindfulness and self-care which has truly helped me improve my life.

That previous paragraph was me trying to summarize my past year, but there are LOTS of stories that fall into each moment that I can later expand on! Think about your past year- a lot to reflect on, right? That's good!

With all the adventures I've been having with balancing being a student, having a job, exploring the field of performance, etc. I noticed I've been journaling to express myself and document my journey. When I thought about this I had a realization- Sarah! Why don't you start a blog? WAIT- why don't you pick up writing for BroadwayWorld again? It can't hurt to apply or reach out!

And so I leaped into action and reached out to the BroadwayWorld team with some writing samples and a message. After some time, I was lucky enough to have Julie Musbach (BroadwayWorld Writer/News Desk Editor) get back to me saying that they'd love to have me back, and here I am!

So this marks the beginning of my journey back at BroadwayWorld and I cannot wait to share again! My goal for my blog posts will be to share what I'm working on as a student, performer, and creative. I aim to write about the happenings in my life, along with my thoughts and incites on all things creative! I am beyond thrilled to be writing once again and hope you keep up on my posts!

Photo Credit: Greg Washington

P.S. You can follow me on Instagram here (@theSarahOsman) and make sure to check back for updates!

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