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The Caldwell Sisters at Players Ring


8/30/2019 - 9/15/2019


Players Ring

105 Marcy Street
Portsmouth,NH 03801

Tickets Info

Adult - $18 Senior or Student - $14 Adult Member - $14 Senior or Student Member - $12
Phone: 603.436.8123

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This story about two sisters who have been estranged for most of their adult years after departing into two very different worlds that shaped and gave meaning to their lives, but which ultimately have not sustained them. One is a respected journalist who has traveled the world, while the other married, had children, and sought the insulated security of place and family and home. They come together on Marthas Vineyard, in the off-season, to spend this early autumn weekend confronting each other, forgiving each other, and finally coming to love and understand each other in a way that seems like it simply had to happenif these two women are going to heal themselves and find the riches two grown-up sisters can discover in each other through courage and compassion. Fiercely personal and leavened with delicious good humor,The Caldwell Sisters is a meditation on letting go, of recognizing what is, and of stepping off into the unknown promise of what the future may bring.

Ages: mature audiences

News About The Caldwell Sisters at Players Ring

Jeffrey Kinghorn Writes About His Siblings in THE CALDWELL SISTERS at the Players' Ring Theatre
August 23, 2019

Jeffrey Kinghorn has a lot of siblings and the relationships between them intrigue him. So Kinghorn, a writer living in Barrington, decided to write a trilogy about sisters and brothers.a??

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