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Distracted at ACT 1


11/15/2019 - 11/23/2019



4610 Charlotte Ave. Nashville TN 37209
Nashville,TN 37209
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$15 in advance

Distracted in Nashville

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What's wrong with nine-year-old Jesse? He can't sit still, he curses, he raps, and you can't get him intoor out ofpajamas. His teacher thinks it's Attention Deficit Disorder. Dad says, "He's just a boy!" And Mama's on a quest for answers. Is Jesse dysfunctional, or just different? Don't we all have ADD, to some degree? She consults a psychologist, a homeopath, a neuropsychologist, and an environmental physician. She talks to neighbors, whose kids have their own diagnoses. A psychiatrist prescribes Ritalin for Jesse, but surely a pill can't solve all of his problems. Throughout, Jesse is an offstage voice, becoming louder and angrier, but he is in danger of fading away. And his parents' marriage is in peril. Everyone is distracted, even the actorsthey're breaking character! A hilarious, provocative, and poignant look at a modern family and an epidemic dilemma: Are we so tuned into our 24/7 info-rich world that we've tuned out what really matters?

News About Distracted at ACT 1

July 20, 2019

To continue their tradition of producing a classic musical during the summer, the South Bend Civic Theatre presented Oliver! with a cast of more than 40 people to filled audiences. The tone of the show was instantly set with a wonderfully charming London bridge designed by Jeff Barrick. Unfortunately the tone was then smashed by a horribly electric sounding music track of the overture with trumpets that were more reminiscent of synthesizers than anything else. This confusing clash continued throughout the production leading to a mixed bag of a show. More clarification on that thought later.

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