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Ches Anthony Releases JUST A MAN

Ches Anthony's new album Just a Man is quintessential outlaw country with a modern twist.

Ches Anthony Releases JUST A MAN

Ches Anthony has released new album Just A Man. The album is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Click here to listen:

Ches Anthony's new album Just a Man is quintessential outlaw country with a modern twist. The album spans across several styles of country, blues, and rock, and shows the true diversity of Ches as an artist.

"Good Man" - This astounding track starts the outlawed and sinister aura of Ches Anthony's new project. Anthony provides a masterful vocal on this haunting song, adding the grit and tenacity that country music needs right now. "Good Man," tells the story of the protagonist of the song murdering a "good man." Ches even gives this good man a proper eulogy in the song, making this an even more poignant opening track.

"Dad Bod" - Ches Anthony has no issue poking fun at himself in "Dad Bod," his early 2000s country tribute that skillfully combines modern lingo with tried-and-true guitar riffs. "You can't go wrong with this dad bod," Anthony croons as he sells himself as the perfect man: strong, kind, and reliable. While he may only have a six-pack when it comes to beer, there's no shame in his game. "Dad Bod" is a summer cookout tune that will inevitably make listeners laugh and agree that a man who pays his bills on time is much more important than a man with muscles. Ches says, "Writing Dad Bod was a blast! I was hanging out with co-writer Dustin Bird and we were laughing about the idea of writing a song called 'Dad Bod.' The song wrote itself within 35 minutes. Lyrics like "who needs abs when I've got a cold 6 pack." It's a summer jam and I can't wait to do a music video for this one."

"Black Sheep" - This song speaks for itself. The single is about standing out, being yourself, and not being afraid to show it. Ches' raw vocal, roaring guitars, and heavy riffs make this a standout song, and country-rock fans will find a quick favorite from Just a Man.

"In My Next Life" (featuring Karen-Lee Batten) - "In My Next Life" features Karen-Lee Batten as a lead female background vocal, and the blend of her voice next to Ches' blending in perfect harmony, and their sonic quality is unmatched. The duet between Anthony and Batten describes wishing you could save a love story for your next life. The acoustic-sounding juxtaposition of this song next to the first two opening tracks shows how Ches can blend seamlessly between styles without missing a beat.

"Rain" - Country music has already told us how "rain makes corn and corn makes whiskey," but in Ches Anthony's "Rain," we get a better insight into what the rain truly means to a farmer's success. "Rain" is an upbeat country-pop anthem that presents a mix of impressive vocals and a forward-moving drumline. Through a catchy chorus filled with Ches's falsetto, riffs, and drum fills, Anthony gives us a hopeful song of the early fall. "Rain" expresses how precipitation is the true determiner of successful crop life on a farm, and how it can affect so much.

"You Everytime" - Ches penned the perfect country summer love song with "You Everytime." With lyrics like, "Girl you're my home, baby, my little homegrown, the sunshine in my life / I think I just might make you a tattoo and call you my wife / I don't mind falling if it's falling for you every time."

"Run Wild" - Ches Anthony shows us his fierce and powerful side in his seventh song off his new album entitled "Run Wild." In this rockin' country anthem, Anthony declares that he will "never let anyone bring me down" loud and clear. The free-spirited lyrics of "let my horse run wild" show how unconfined Ches wants to live his life stating that "you can't tame me, you can't break me." This liberating message sends an inspiring message to all listeners by exhibiting the strength in riding along independently. Alongside the influential lyrics, the instrumentals and vocals add to the compelling nature of the overall message. With a driving percussion beat and heavier guitar, you feel the forward intensity in the music as well. As the song grows, Ches truthfully belts his heart out showing his full commitment to pushing the boundaries in his life and music. Overall, "Run Wild" will inspire you to do the same and to test your limits in whatever is holding you back.

"Dirt on Her Heels" - Ches Anthony describes his ideal plus one as a homegrown rock n' roll rebel in his eighth single off his new album entitled "Dirt on Her Heels." The lyrics reveal the genuineness of loving someone as his perfectly imperfect woman with a "few bad tattoos" is exactly what he loves. At the end of the day, all these characteristics such as the scuffs on her shoes display that her "country roots are showing through" which is exactly the right woman for him. The song's instrumentals add rips of an electric guitar, forward-moving rhythm guitar, and heavy drums which allow the listener to really move the beat, and rock out to these care-free lyrics. This sure-to-be party anthem shows off Ches' vocals with enjoyable slides in phrases and quick descending runs. "Dirt on Her Heels" reminds us that every little characteristic of someone, no matter what stereotypes will tell you, is perfect for who they are, and admirable as a lover.

"Just A Man" - The album closes with "Just A Man," which reverts back to the outlaw country feel of the opening track "A Good Man." The song is a serious power ballad, with smoky and rugged vocals coming from Ches.

"Rain (Acoustic) - Ches' acoustic version of this single brings the genuine feel of the song to the forefront, with Ches' vocal being the star of the show. Through his lyrics, "Hard work is all it takes. Putting in hard work till dusk... just need a little rain," he displays a deep connection and trust between farmer and earth. The acoustic guitars pair with sparse drums and an ever-present sound of rainfall. The peaceful production accentuates the emotional lyrics of the song. We also get to see a softer, more vulnerable side of Anthony's vocals. His trademark gruff and grit is toned down and used in specific moments to really emphasize the lyrics. Rain is representative of everything important in his life: Family, his livelihood, his entire life. A beautiful new spin on the already amazing song.

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