Award Winning Musical LAST TANGO IN PARADISE!

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Ashton Wolf
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Chorus Member
Award Winning Musical LAST TANGO IN PARADISE!

The award winning musical, LAST TANGO IN PARADISE, is now available for licensing! For inquiries or for more information send an e-mail to:


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"Six characters meet in the phantasmagorical Paradise Casino, caught between reality and para-reality, gambling on the ultimate prize.....THEIR LIVES!"

“There is a Post-Brechtian mordancy to Ashton Wolf’s tales of woe where the stories and songs carry message enough about the crack up and danger inherent in late imperialist American Life and culture, the dishonesty, delusion, greed, boredom, infidelity, drugs, fear and inability to share. LAST TANGO IN PARADISE is a brash, edgy, lyrical explosion.” - Entertainment Today.

“This is probably the world's first metaphysical musical and it's a highly entertaining one. LAST TANGO IN PARADISE is a new musical worth watching and seeing now!” - Glendale New Press

“LAST TANGO IN PARADISE delivers an adventurous, provocative punch from the shady, enticing world of gambling and magic that is irresistible.” - Village View

“Timing, dancing and singing is everything in LAST TANGO IN PARADISE!” - Drama-Logue

LAST TANGO IN PARADISE - Youtube Video Promo