Review: JAGGED LITTLE PILL at The Fisher Theatre

Jagged Little Pill will perform at The Fisher Theatre in Detroit through February 26th

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Jagged Little Pill
Dillon Klena and company of the
North American Tour of Jagged Little Pill -
​​​​​photo by Matthew Murphy


Joy, rage, love, heartache, strength, wisdom, catharsis, LIFE: everything we've been waiting to see on a Broadway stage is back, in this exhilarating, fearless new musical based on Alanis Morissette's world-changing music.Jagged Little Pill will perform at The Fisher Theatre in Detroit through February 26th. You can purchase tickets at Jagged Little Pill (Touring) Tickets | Event Dates & Schedule |

One of the true markers of an unforgettable musical is a show that can make you feel so moved emotionally while also making you chuckle with relatable anecdotes. I loved how this show didn't shy away from the social issues but ultimately spotlighted things we often overlook. For example, the play mentions school shootings, addiction, sexual assault, and real trauma many still face while trying to express their true sexual orientation.

I was moved to tears several times, especially by two performers. The first was Heidi Blickenstaff. I was delighted to hear she joined the touring cast because this role perfectly suits her. When Heidi Blickenstaff (Mary Jane Heely) sings "Uninvited" in act two, I didn't even realize it, but I started to tear up. It was uncontrollable. When a performance moves you to tears, that shows a range that can't be taught but only achieved from the countless iconic lead roles she has played before this. The other performance that had me entranced was when Jade Meleod (Jo) sang "You Oughta Know." They gave such a magnetic performance as they drew everyone into their soul. Jade Meleod left their heart on the stage in that scene, and I could relisten to their rendition of that song on repeat.

I also loved the technical side of this show. The band playing was shown on and off throughout the performance to enhance the scene, and they made the show feel like a rock concert-the energy-clad band was led by Matt Doebler, who also played the keyboard. Jagged Little Pill has a massive cast with original choreography and movement by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. The dancers often mirrored the principal cast, even wearing the same costume at times to show the character watching and reliving these traumatic events, which added a powerful statement about how the characters see themselves in these moments of distress.

You get lost in some shows, and some feel almost too real like you are a character in that universe. This show will make you feel, at times, uncomfortable. Jagged Little Pill tells a story that might be hard to hear but needs to be said and felt. Instead of accepting how the world treats people with different plights and hardships, we need to be able to ask hard questions and get a little uneasy about learning from their unique perspectives. If we can't learn to empathize with people from different genders, sexual orientations, races, and upbringings, we will never grow as a country or a society. We can't be scared to change, which is why I love shows like Jagged Little Pill that challenge us to do better. We need to support shows that dive into these trials that the future generations are experiencing. It is humbling to leave a theater feeling a little more educated than when you entered. I implore you to experience this show; to feel, laugh, cry, and grow while simultaneously being utterly entertained is a rare adventure. Take your chance to do the same.

TRIGGER WARNING: This show contains sexual assault and addiction.


Interview: Heidi Blickenstaff Talks JAGGED LITTLE PILL Photo
Interview: Heidi Blickenstaff Talks JAGGED LITTLE PILL

Heidi Blickenstaff speaks about why the role of Mary Jane Healy feels so personal, how it's the biggest challenge of her career, and what it's like to rock out to Alanis's iconic song catalog on stage.

Listen: Heidi Blickenstaff of JAGGED LITTLE PILL on Tour Sings Uninvited Photo
Listen: Heidi Blickenstaff of JAGGED LITTLE PILL on Tour Sings 'Uninvited'

A new recording has been released of “Uninvited” from Jagged Little Pill, featuring Broadway veteran Heidi Blickenstaff, currently starring as “Mary Jane Healy” on the North American tour.

Video: Cydney Kutcipal & Lauren Chanel Sing Hand in My Pocket Photo
Video: Cydney Kutcipal & Lauren Chanel Sing 'Hand in My Pocket'

The National Tour of Jagged Little Pill, making its way around the country, is currently playing at the Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco through November 6, 2022. See Cydney Kutcipal & Lauren Chanel sing 'Hand in My Pocket' from the dressing room of the Golden Gate Theatre here!

Photos: First Look at JAGGED LITTLE PILL National Tour Photo
Photos: First Look at JAGGED LITTLE PILL National Tour

The National Tour of Jagged Little Pill is making its way across the country. Heidi Blickenstaff is reprising her role from the Broadway production as Mary Jane Healy, and is joined by Lauren Chanel as Frankie Healy, Chris Hoch as Steve Healy and Dillon Klena as Nick Healy. Get a first look at photos here!

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