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The Gift

1/29/2013 - 3/10/2013
Geffen Playhouse
10886 Le Conte Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 3102085454

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Gil Cates Theater: - Joanna Murray-Smith; dir: Maria Aitken.
When two couples meet while vacationing at a ritzy resort, they instantly transition from strangers to the best of friends. Despite their almost comical differences — Ed and Sadie are middle-aged, rich and traditional, while Martin and Chloe are young artists glowing with their potential to change the world — they find themselves spending the rest of their week together. When one seemingly inconsequential event throws both their lives into a tailspin, the couples find themselves wrestling with a moral dilemma: while it’s human nature to want what you don’t have, is it unnatural to abandon something that you do? This provocative new work draws audiences in with a beguiling hilarity that gives way to an unsettling twist, posing searing questions rather than providing comfortable answers.

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