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TEEN WITCH Unauthorized 35th Anniversary Staged Reading Musical Parody show poster

TEEN WITCH Unauthorized 35th Anniversary Staged Reading Musical Parody at The Three Clubs

Dates: (5/8/2024 )


The Three Clubs

HRS/Cherry Poppins/Cheese Witch Productions

1123 Vine St
Los Angeles,CA 90038

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  3. TEEN WITCH Unauthorized 35th Anniversary Staged Reading Musical Parody

"Step into the whimsical world of 'TEEN WITCH Unauthorized 35th Anniversary Staged Reading Musical Parody,' where glitter meets magic and the 80s are alive and kicking harder than ever! This uproarious production is a tongue-in-cheek celebration of the cult classic film that captured our hearts 35 years ago.

Picture it: Louise, your average high school wallflower, discovers she's got some serious supernatural mojo on her 16th birthday. But instead of just using her newfound powers for homework and household chores, she dives headfirst into the turbulent waters of teenage life, armed with spells, sass, and a killer wardrobe.

In this campy reinterpretation, Starring Emma Hunton (Good Trouble, Wicked), Jordan Kia Burnett (Scissorhands, Romy and Michelle's), Sterling Sulimen (Vampire Diaries, It the Musical), Drew Droege (Titanique, Scouts Guide to a Zombie Apocalypse), Carly Jibson (The Guest Book, Crybaby), Matthew Scott Montgomery (Howdy Neighbor, Unidentified), Bianca Gisselle (Unlocked, Hulu’s Palm Springs), Mitchell Gerrard Johnson (A New Brain, Exorcistic), KC Lindley (Cluelesque, Brolesque), Meredith Lim (Who’s Afraid of David Lynch, Cages), Lana McKissack (Evergreen, Snake Oil), Alli Miller-Fisher (Co-Founder Cherry Poppins, Dragula), Nathan Moore (Horror Camp, Evergreen),  Sarah Wines (Cherry Poppins, Toil and Trouble) expect the unexpected as Louise's journey unfolds in a whirlwind of neon colors, outrageous fashion, and catchy tunes that'll have you tapping your feet and laughing till it hurts. From awkward crushes to high school drama, nothing is safe from parody in this riotous romp through adolescence.

Join us for a night of hilarity, where the magic of 'TEEN WITCH' is reborn with a heaping dose of camp and a sprinkle of glitter. It's like your favorite 80s movie threw a fabulous party, and you're invited to dance the night away!"

TEEN WITCH Unauthorized 35th Anniversary Staged Reading Musical Parody will run Wednesday May 8th at The Three Clubs 1123 Vine Street Los Angeles CA, 90038. The show will be performed at 8:00 PM, with Doors and Pre Show at 7:00 PM. 

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased for $25 at


The Three Clubs Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

The Three Clubs is at 1123 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA.


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