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Solo Fest at Antaeus Theatre

Dates: (6/7/2024 - 6/9/2024 )


Antaeus Theatre

Glendale Arts

110 E. Broadway
Glendale,CA 91205

Phone: 818-243-2611

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Solo Fest is back with a series of brand-new shows from acclaimed LA-based artists Ernie Silva, Lise Porter, Sonja Marie, and Pamela L. Paek. Presented by Glendale Arts in partnership with Lifechild, the three-day storytelling showcase will enthrall audiences from June 7-9, 2024 at Glendale’s Antaeus Theatre, located at 110 East Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205. Performance details and ticket information are available at

Launched by Glendale Arts in 2022, Solo Fest is a series of captivating one-person performances that serves up raw and intimate storytelling experiences in a theatrical setting. Featured performers spotlight the colorful spectrum of the human experience, exploring topics ranging from identity and belonging to love and loss with stimulating, thought-provoking delivery. 

This year's lineup features an eclectic array of talented artists bringing their unique perspectives and narratives to the stage. From powerful drama to side-splitting comedy, each performance promises to take the audience on an exhilarating and distinctive theatrical journey. An insightful post-show talkback will punctuate each performance, breaking the fourth wall to create a forum for dialogue between the artist and audience. Program details for Solo Fest 2024 are as follows:

All This Talk of Love | Written & Performed by Lise Porter - Friday, June 7 | 8:00pm | Antaeus Theatre: A one-act, one-daughter comedy about how to consciously uncouple from your parents’ narcissism. Upon receiving news of her father’s death, a woman faints and suddenly enters another dimension of reality. While in a delirious state, she confronts the ghost of her father, past, present, and future. A story of defiance and forgiveness, the play explores themes of trauma and transcendence, as our protagonist comes to terms with her bruised, battered, and beautifully big heart. A story of love, lack of love, and a little bit of patriarchy as the cherry on the sundae.

FREE BRICKS! | Written & Performed by Sonja Marie - Saturday, June 8 | 3:00pm | Antaeus Theatre: A ONE WOMAN SHOW OF LIBERATION! This brutally honest “sketch” highlights the tale of our main character "Bricks." An emotionally exhausted and burdened individual on a quest for self-acknowledgement and purpose on the planet. As she unravels her own personal hurdles, she decides to join the rest of the population of the Black women who are disappearing...through the guidance of her beloved grandmother. This introductory piece will continue to be explored in future shows as Sonja Marie metaphorically (or maybe not too metaphorically,) attempts to answer a massively important societal question: How would the world operate without the presence of Black women?

108 Stitches | Written & Performed by Ernie Silva - Saturday, June 8 | 8:00pm | Antaeus Theatre: 108 Stitches is a mystical story about a man as he's visited by the demons that determined his failed journey in the game of baseball. We watch as our hero struggles with hilarious and heartbreaking moments. He's faced with a massive question, will he allow his son to also walk the dangerous path that is the game of all games. Always remember that thoughts become things.

Abalones - Abs = alone | Written & Performed by Pamela L. Paek - Sunday, June 9 | 3:00pm | Antaeus Theatre: If calling a show “alone” didn’t signal total despair, that’d be the show’s title. But, it’s a comedy. Dark though. Stories about abalone, abs, and what it means to be alone. A deep dive at the ways we unconsciously subscribe to social norms and the inadvertent unhappiness, harm, and self-denial we cause. That sounds so heavy. It is but like heavy whipped cream. Delicious for all, even if you’re lactose intolerant, vegan, diabetic, and/or live in the LA area. Be prepared to learn, laugh, and get your heart wrenched through marine biology, anatomy, social psychology, and Korean philosophy via PowerPoint, real photos (no AI), and Bitmojis.

About the Artists

Ernie Silva - A product of the Bushwick projects in Brooklyn, New York, Ernie Silva started his creative career at the age of 12. Eventually his musical side came calling to be recognized which he developed while sleeping on odd couches, random nights at hostels and homeless shelters, and a few nights riding freight trains around the country. An award-winning artist, Ernie can be found teaching theater, poetry, and personal storytelling to incarcerated youth, senior citizens, and formerly incarcerated adults in and around Los Angeles when he is not on stage performing his theatrical plays.

Lise Porter - Actor, Writer, Producer Lise Porter studied theatre at the University of California, San Diego and afterward, obtained a Masters in psychology with a concentration in drama therapy. She debuted her first solo show, “Selfish Bitch of a Daughter” in 2018 at the New Collective theatre in Hollywood. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist here in Los Angeles and routinely consults for companies and the film industry on mental health issues and wellness. She is also the employee assistance therapist for CNN, Los Angeles bureau. Lise most recently played the role of Margaret in the short film, “First Love, Last Love” and loved playing Bee’s mother in season two of “Galpals.” She also wrote, produced and starred in the short film “Twenty Words” and has appeared in a number of shorts and commercials. Her book Own Your Life: How Our Wounds Become Our Gifts is available on Amazon and she recently completed writing the feature script, “Love in Griffith Park.” Lise feels happiest when on a film set, in a theatre or in a swimming pool. and

Sonja Marie - Over the last 20 years, millions have appreciated Sonja Marie’s poetic prowess as one of three writers featured on the multi platinum soundtrack “Waiting to Exhale” with her song “And I Gave My Love to You” and as a collaborator with musical icons such as Whitney Houston and Teena Marie. Although music and poetry have afforded Sonja many opportunities to write – two solo poetry CDs, five poetry anthologies, and a poetry eBook, “Thoughts and Wishes After the Storm” – she is equally proud of her work as CEO of Wordlife Astrology. Her company is dedicated to sharing the healing intentions of Western Astrology by way of Annual Retreats, Workshops, Lectures, Personal Readings and being the Horoscope Columnist for ESSENCE Magazine 2014 – 2022 for over 3 million subscribers. This Bachelor of Arts Hampton University Alum’s national television appearances include “The Steve Harvey Show” and “The Doctors”. She also was nominated for Best Supporting actress in the Indi Film Awards for her role in the controversial independent Film, “Gang Tapes.” In November 2020, Sonja Marie released two books; The Signs - An Astrological Memoir and Squirrel, a harrowing story and rescue of her mentally challenged Aunt, from the streets of Skid Row in Los Angeles. r

Pamela L Paek relishes self-expression and creativity in as many forms as they can juggle, including solo shows, stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, physical comedy, and clown. “Abalones – Abs = alone” is her fourth solo show. She toured their previous show, “No f*cks given. None taken. All done.” in LA, NYC, San Francisco, and San Diego. Pamela has won multiple awards for poetry, including artist residencies and fellowships. She’s also part of No MSG Added, the only all Asian-American sketch comedy troupe in Orange County. A self-proclaimed recluse, you’ll rarely find them on social media. If you want to know the deets about Pamela’s life, see one of her solo shows. You’ll get more than you bargained for. More info on Pamela:

About Glendale Arts
Glendale Arts (GA) is an award-winning 501(c)3 non-profit organization that generates opportunities throughout greater Los Angeles to showcase, promote, encourage, and engage with the arts. Founded in 2008, GA delivers dynamic arts and entertainment programming through signature programs such as the Glendale International Film Festival and Solo Fest; operates and programs ace/121 Gallery, a multidisciplinary venue in Glendale, CA; and drives engagement through its membership program, SCENE. The organization marks its 15th year of connecting artists and audiences in 2023-24. Find out more at or @GlendaleArtsCA on Facebook, Instagram, and X.


About Lifechild

Lifechild is a theatrical production company focused on amplifying the often-overlooked voices in society through live performance and educational workshops. One thing that makes Lifechild so special is its dedication to making each of the live theatrical performances it produces accessible to underserved youth and income qualifying adults by, not only offering complimentary tickets, but also covering transportation costs where applicable. Lifechild continues to grow working with the city and other local organizations to provide creative workshops free of charge to the community. 

Antaeus Theatre Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Antaeus Theatre is at 110 E. Broadway, Glendale, CA.

Antaeus Theatre is at 110 E. Broadway, Glendale, CA.


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