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BWW Blog: How Hamilton Changed My Life

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BWW Blog: How Hamilton Changed My Life
Me in front of the Richard Rodgers theater
moments before I found out
I was gonna see Hamilton

The original cast filmed recording of "Hamilton" is premiering on Disney+ in just a few days, and to say I'm buzzing with excitement is a severe understatement. "Hamilton" is an incredible show filled to the brim with specks of genius, but it holds a special place in my heart. Therefore, in celebration of the release of "Hamilton," I decided to take a trip down memory lane and remember all the ways "Hamilton" has changed my life.

I vividly remember the first time I heard about this musical: It was December of 2015. I was in the dressing room of the theater I did shows during high school. I overhear some of my friends talking about a new Lin Manuel Miranda musical and me, being the "In The Heights" fangirl I still am, looked it up immediately, and listened to the whole cast album that night. I became obsessed with this show; I loved Hamilton's ambition, the Schuyler sister's fierceness.

BWW Blog: How Hamilton Changed My Life
Me and my friends dressed as
the Schuyler Sisters (Halloween 2016)

Flash forward to spring break of 2016; I took a family trip to New York City. "Hamilton" was the hottest ticket in town, which meant there was no way I was going to see it. I was crushed, but I knew that someday I would be able to experience it. Halfway through the week, my parents just so happen to want to visit the Richard Rodgers theater to see if we could buy some merchandise. As we're standing outside, I noticed we just so happened to arrive 20 minutes before the matinee. As my dad was filming me outside of the theater, my mom pulled out an envelope, and inside there were tickets for the show. I immediately burst into tears; I was going to see "Hamilton" in New York with Lin Manuel Miranda. I kept crying until I sat down in the back of the theater and started crying again when the show started. By the end of the performance, my sleeves were soaked with all the tears. Seeing "Hamilton" live was electrifying, and it reminded me why I love theater. The staging is jam-packed with intricate details that seem insignificant but together tell a fantastic story.

Through the years, "Hamilton" continued to inspire my life. I would sing along to the album with my friends and dressed up as modern-day Angelica for Halloween. To this day before any audition or interview, I have to listen to "My Shot" before I go into the room to pump me up. I was even able to see "Hamilton" in San Francisco and visit the Hamilton Exhibition in Chicago. "Hamilton" continued to be a part of my life as the years went by.

In 2019 "Hamilton" came to Puerto Rico, and Lin Manuel Miranda was reprising his roles as Alexander Hamilton. Watching Lin perform in Puerto Rico was incredible because of shared respect and love. When Lin Manuel Miranda stepped made his entrance, the whole show would stop for a 2-minute standing ovation. Lin Manuel Miranda has opened so many doors for Latinx theater creators and continues to support Puerto Rico during challenging times, such as Hurricane Maria. As an aspiring performer and writer, Lin Manuel Miranda's work inspires me daily to continue creating art.

"Hamilton" is easily the most influential musical of the 21st century and will go down in history as an iconic musical that changed musical theater for the better. "Hamilton" taught me that a person could create something amazing if you have the determination to do so. "Hamilton" will forever be one of my favorite musicals, and I'm so excited for more people to be impacted by it. I encourage you to watch "Hamilton" and allow yourself to be enveloped in the brilliant storytelling. I hope you become inspired by Lin Manuel Miranda's work of art as I have been lucky enough to be.

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