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2020 BWW Awards

Broadway Star-To-Be Of The Next Decade - Live Voting Statistics

Amber Ardolino 22%
Antonio Cipriano 16%
Ashley De La Rosa 10%
Ephraim Sykes 9%
Solea Pfeiffer 5%
Samantha Williams 5%
Britney Coleman 4%
Mary Kate Morrissey 4%
Sarah Stiles 4%
Skye Turner 4%
Lila Coogan 3%
Jai'len Josey 3%
Sharon D. Clarke 2%
Ashley Loren 2%
Nicole Scimeca 1%
Gabi Campo 1%
Larry Owens 1%
Kalyn West 1%
Brendan C. Callahan 1%
Kelsey Fowler 1%
Ruby Rakos 1%
Jordan Dobson 1%
Max Bartos 1%
Nick Rashad Burroughs 1%

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* Note: These results are un-audited numbers. All voting results will be tabulated, and will be audited at the conclusion of the voting process to remove fake, duplicate and other invalid votes. The results you see here may alter slightly or significantly as a result of that auditing process.