John Hilder

John Hilder at Ray's Comedy World

Dates: (2/26/2024 )


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3525 E Flamingo Rd. #5033
Las Vegas,NV 89121

Phone: 702-788-3698

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John Hilder was born and raised in the comedic hotbed of Salt Lake City,
UT, but in 2004 he fled Utah for the neon pastures of lovely Las Vegas, NV
to pursue a life of comedy and sin. With his quirky wit, unparalleled
originality, and fearless attitude on stage, John quickly rose above the fray
to become one of the most respected comedians in Sin City. By seamlessly
combining his small town innocence with a big city edge, John has become
a favorite in comedy clubs, casinos and theaters throughout the country, as
well as some of the biggest clubs and casinos in Las Vegas, including
Jimmy Kimmel's Comedy Club, The LA Comedy Club at Strat, Planet
Hollywood, and the OYO Casino where he hosted The Hilarious 7 five
nights a week before the pandemic tried to murder live entertainment. John
has been seen on Fox TV and Spike TV. In 2010 he released his debut
comedy album entitled “Johnsense” and in 2016 he released his second
album, “Words on Play,” both of which are currently available on iTunes,
Spotify and anywhere else you want to stream one joke at a time. Needless
to say, they are taking the country by sarcastic storm. Don’t miss the
opportunity to see this quick witted, hilarious comic on his way up, years
before his imminent, and heartbreaking demise.

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Ray's Comedy World is at 3525 E Flamingo Rd #5033 a, Las Vegas, NV 89121, Las Vegas, NV.

John Hilder (2/26/24-2/26/24)
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Ray's Comedy World is at 3525 E Flamingo Rd. #5033, Las Vegas, NV.


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