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Interview: Arduino Bertoncello of BURN THE FLOOR “BE BRAVE. TOGETHER” at Cool Japan Park Osaka WW Hall

Arduino, the Dance Director Shares His Thoughts

By: Jun. 25, 2023
Interview: Arduino Bertoncello of BURN THE FLOOR “BE BRAVE. TOGETHER” at Cool Japan Park Osaka WW Hall  Image
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Interview: Arduino Bertoncello of BURN THE FLOOR “BE BRAVE. TOGETHER” at Cool Japan Park Osaka WW Hall  ImageArduino Bertoncello is a professional dancer and choreographer in latin american, show dance, modern and contemporary dance. He is also the Latin American Italian Champion and a former finalist in the Junior British Open in Blackpool.

How do you feel about coming back to Japan after 5 years?

We have been waiting this time for long time. Because we ware supposed to come in 2020, and then in 2022 with all the pandemic happened. This is my 3rd time in Japan .I’m feeling so happy and blessed to be here again. I love the peopler for sure. You are really kind, really helpful. These is something so special about Japanese people and also audience in Japan is something so real. All over the world like Europe, America, Australia, China, South Africa, but Japan is something totally different that I can feel all the energy that we have from the audience is something that is unique. I’m so happy to be here again.

What's your favorite part of Japan?

In general like the people, very kind. I like the history of Japan. I'm always fascinated. I want to go to Kyoto because it is beautiful, lots of temples, Geisha. I also like the fashion.

How did you feel when you were chosen as a member of this show?

I'm very happy because I feel the reactions of the audience and like to see how they react to the show.

What was the hardest part during the rehearsal process and how did you manage it?

We always have other places before Japan. We are performing in Australia for maybe a month or two months or so when we come here, so the show is done. We are used to it. This time, we start here then we go to Australia. We got 8 days to put the show together which was really short period of time. So we got one day in the theater with the production, for the lighting, sound check, musicians vocalist… so I was a little bit stressed about that. But there was no particular a tough time during the rehearsals time.

How do you feel the difference between being a performer and a director?

First of all for me it is honor to be a dance director for Burn the floor because I think it is a step forward which is very important for my career. I still want to dance but I am 39 years old so I think maybe I can dance again for 3 or 4 years but it is important for my future and my company as well. It is the first time to watch Burn the floor from the audience. I feel especially here in Japan, I can see all the reaction from the audience. 

Was it difficult to decide either stay as a dancer or become a director?

At the beginning it was a little bit difficult for me but I think it is something good for my career. I do miss dancing, of course but I’m having a good time here.

What do you keep in your mind when dancing?

When I go on stage, I always like to feel something. I’m always nervous because I think it's something that you need to have if you don’t want to lose this job. I think in my mind when I'm dancing, I just tried to express myself. We do our acting with our body language, so I think for me is always the messages, I want to send.

What do you think is your strengths?

I think I'm very funny. I think I like socialize a lot. My friends say I’m the one that make everybody involved or laugh out loud. Also listening to people.

Which is your favorite part of the show and why? 

I have a few favorites but I love all of the show. When I'm dancing I like the emotional numbers with beautiful song. So I think “Un giorno per noi”, “ Hallelujah” in this show are my favorites.They are telling the stories and really emotional and the song is in Italian as well. Of course I love all the Latin section “Jingo lo ba”, “Oye como va”. These are my favorite numbers in this show.

What's the best thing about being part of Burn the floor?

I have a chance to travel all the world and this is the most important thing because when you travel the world, you learn other cultures. You meet people from Japan, China, South Africa, United States. It is nice because it opens your mind a lot. This is wonderful and my favorite thing about Burn the floor. Some of them are really my best friends. It is not about being on stage but you share your life so it becomes a family.

Do you have any message to those who haven’t watched it yet, but interested in watching?

I suggest to all the Japanese people if they love dancing, this is that show that they can not miss. Because it is like full of energy, great dancers, great singers, beautiful musicians. we also have a Japanese Rockstar. You don’t wanna miss it.

Photo Credit: [BURN THE FLOOR]


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