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Venus In Fur

6/6/2014 - 6/28/2014
Players by the Sea
106 Sixth Street North
Jacksonville Beach, FL FL 32250
$20.00 - $23.00
Phone: (904) 249 - 0289

Venus In Fur in Jacksonville

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York director Thomas has adapted Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s erotic 1870
classic Venus in Fur for the
stage. (Okay, his play is about
masochism, but in a loving way.) After an uninspiring day of auditions, he is
set to go home to his bossy fiancé, when the door opens and in bursts Vanda, very
late, very profane and very clueless.
Nothing could be further from the refined goddess-like character he is seeking. And yet, she has the same name as the play’s
heroine …. She persuades Thomas to let her read and, out of nowhere, displays a
stunning command of the part. She even pulls authentic costumes out of her tote
bag. The audition soon becomes a witty, sexy power struggle that totally
unbalances the know-it-all director.

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