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One Toe in the Grave at Orange Park Community Theatre


3/1/2019 - 3/17/2019


Orange Park Community Theatre

2900 Moody Ave
Jacksonville,FL 32257

Tickets Info

$18 adults; $10 students
Phone: 904-276-2599

One Toe in the Grave in Jacksonville

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Jason Kingsley is treasurer of a billion-dollar patent medicine corporation that requires its officers to be married. Jason claims his wife has a rare disease that prevents her from entertaining or attending corporate functions. A cure is accidentally discovered in one of the companys patent medicines, and Jasons boss is arriving any minute with the company doctor to administer the cure then bask in the publicity. Jason, however, doesnt really have a wife, so he cons his fiance Nicki into pretending to be invalid. Other imposters appear: Poopsie Magruder, who initially refused, shows up anyhow, and Vonga the Jungle Girl was pressed into service by the helpful housekeeper. The cure involves a two-inch needle in the armpit, and it develops that the disease is contagious, which only complicates the hilarity.

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