A tua immagine at Piccolo Teatro Grassi


11/6/2015 - 11/7/2015


Piccolo Teatro Grassi

Via Rovello, 2

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Phone: +39
Running Time: one hour

A tua immagine in Italy

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Winner of the second edition of Playfestival, the competition organised by ATIR Teatro Ringhiera in collaboration with Piccolo Teatro, reserved for emerging companies under 40, the play tells of the story of an extraordinary triad. Surrounded by mist in a non-place, we find ourselves before a group of very important people. The first has come to ask his father what obligations and privileges there are in being his son. The second, the father, seems to prevaricate when faced by these questions. And finally, the third, who is here as they may also have interests in this union. And it is in fact this third person, this devil, a little sad and a little ironic, who introduces us into a terrible family circle: that of himself, God and his son Jesus. He speaks of a terrible God, ambitious and more insensitive than anyone else to suffering and death. His only objective is to dominate mankind. The sacrifice of his only son and other heinousness are all welcome if they are enough to give the devil himself hope that he will not be blamed for all of this.

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