A love of Swann at Piccolo Teatro Grassi


5/7/2013 - 5/19/2013


Piccolo Teatro Grassi

Via Rovello, 2
Milano,Lombardy 20121

Tickets Info

€18,00 - €33.00
Phone: +39
Running Time: 1 hour and 40 minutes with no intermission

A love of Swann in Italy

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A love of Swann is a novel in the novel: the story of a torment that love becomes obsession, illness, ruin. With portrait of a developing company breakup and heartfelt but also ruthless analysis of the motions of the soul and the laws of love.
A love of Swann also has a fold-out pirandelliano, the mystery of nature of every human being, ever-elusive: Odette, appearing to Swann as a woman almost unattainable, is nothing more than an ex-prostitute: once had won the driveways of Nice. So, a seemingly obvious history, becomes the most modern survey instrument about how a man can be damaged for a woman "that was not even my type!".

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