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Industry Pro Newsletter: Introducing BroadwayWorld+ and in Consideration of Reopening

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February 22, 2021 -

This week, we have a lot of stories about the path to reopening from the around the globe - from Australia where reopening has already occurred and they've got Broadway productions playing to big houses to a story from The New York Times about what it took to get a new musical up and running in Tokyo with a global creative team. We've also got pieces about rethinking the architecture of our buildings, and Rob Weinert-Kendt's piece from American Theatre about the road to reopening in the States running through our regional theatres. In addition to all of that, we've also got links to even more new launches from BroadwayWorld, where you can check out the voices of tomorrow in our student blogger section, and one last call to register for this week's Industry Pro Webinar, all about social media!

Introducing BroadwayWorld+ and BroadwayWorld+ Pro

Last week, we announced two new ways to interact with the site and get all the Industry news you're looking for - for one low yearly price we'll give you great discounts at our store, on streaming events, and more. For our Pro members, we'll also give you access to quarterly data from our audience research studies for Broadway and Regional theatres - and a complimentary BroadwayWorld Coffee Mug to keep you caffeinated while you plot your next production.

Learn more about both options and the full benefits here!

Reopening in the United States will be Lead by the Regionals and the Non-Profits

Writing in American Theatre, Rob Weinert-Kendt writes about the way we should be shaping the conversation around reopening. Understanding that each company operates under slightly different business models and with different ability to adapt their space to safety protocols, getting audiences comfortable seeing shows again will be an industry wide effort - even as some segments of the industry must remain closed longer than others.

Broadway is Back - In Australia, Anyway

The Washington Post's Peter Marks reports on how Australian productions of Broadway hits like Frozen, Come From Away, and Hamilton have all been able to find a path to reopening with audiences - with strict safety protocols, and a nation that has become one of the safest spots on the globe in terms of virus control.

"Yes, yes to all of it. We just had to do the show."

For many, the pandemic has created disruptions, delays, and cancellations for numerous projects in development. For the premiere staging of "The Illusionist" in Tokyo, there were even more bumps in the road, but they were able to bring the show to life. One of the creators, Peter Duchan, tells the story in The New York Times.

"We See You, White American Theatre" Publishes Their Accountability Report

The report documents what progress and actions have - and have not - been taken by institutions across the country, noting that there is plenty of work that still needs to be done and encouraging all to continue holding institutions accountable to their own goals that they have publicly set for themselves - and continue to encourage them to do even better than those goals.

Reconsidering the Theatre Building

"The pandemic has demonstrated that a theatre culture so dependent on buildings is one that is threatened when they cannot operate and crowds cannot gather together in their enclosed spaces," writes Lynn Gardner in The Stage. How are organizations reconsidering their physical space not only in relation to the pandemic, but also in creating more space for DE&I initiatives?

Wonder what the next generation is thinking?

This semester, our BroadwayWorld Student Blogging program is bigger than ever - more than 60 students from all across the country - and each week, we round up the highlights for you. Linked above is the roundup from last week, but be sure and check out all the blogs at our Student Center!

Social Should be a Part of Your Marketing, But Not the Whole Plan

Social media offers a lot of advantages as a marketing tool - a way to really engage with your audience on a personal level, new ways to learn about your audience and who they are, as well as the potential to go viral at a low cost (maybe only your time). While "going viral" would be great for your marketing efforts, building your marketing plan around going viral would be a bit like building a house on a foundation of sand - it might work out, but more likely than not your house will come crashing down around you.

Are You Streaming Content?

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