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Industry Pro Newsletter: Broadway Evaluates Mask and Vaccine requirements, Theatre is Returning to Chicago, and the Latest from the WolfBrown Audience Outlook Monitor

Senator Schumer late last week: "We are close to closing the curtain on COVID-19"

May 24, 2021 -

After the CDC announced the most recent changes in masking requirements for vaccinated individuals, many companies started to begin the process of re-evaluating, changing, and solidifying their reopening and audience seating plans. While we've all learned over the last 14 months that all plans need to remain fluid, there is a palpable energy that shows we are heading swiftly down the road to reopening. While reopening will bring with it a sense of normalcy, there is also movement to make sure the new normal does not come with many of the same pitfalls and inequities that were normalized within the industry before the pandemic began. We'll continue to cover all of these shifts, trends, and best practices here at Industry Pro as the industry continues to evolve.

Broadway League is "Evaluating" Based on CDC Guidance, Governor's Comments

As the state of New York changes their COVID protocols to come in line with CDC guidance, the Broadway League is currently evaluating what that means for Broadway shows and the road back as it regards vaccination requirements, mask requirements, and more.

Sen. Schumer: "We are closer than ever to closing the curtain on COVID-19"

On Friday, Senator Chuck Schumer and other Broadway leaders gathered in Duffy Square to celebrate the return of Broadway this fall, as well as the rollout of the Save our Stages Grant Program. Check out the video of the event at the link above.

Latest Executive Summary from the WolfBrown Audience Outlook Study

In the wake of the CDC's masking announcement, Alan Brown presented the latest executive summary of the Audience Outlook Study. This study has been deployed regularly throughout the pandemic measuring audience sentiment at present and looking forward. The most encouraging piece of data: even before the latest CDC announcement, audiences were growing more confident and ready to return to theatres.

League of Chicago Theatres Announces Reopening Plans for Many Chicago Theatres

Following the continued relaxing of CDC guidance, the League of Chicago Theatres has begun providing a roundup of the many shows and their plans to reopen over the spring, summer, and into the fall. Chicago joins a growing number of major theatre markets around the world with solidifying plans for reopening.

International Association of Theatre Critics Elects New President

American Jeffrey Eric Jenkins is the first United States Representative to head the organization in its 65-year history. The group represents more than 3,000 critics in 80 countries around the globe.

The Drama Book Shop Sets June Reopening

Set to close before the pandemic, the 104-year old institution was saved by a team of Broadway celebrities led by Lin Manuel-Miranda. Then, the reopening in a new location was delayed by the pandemic. Finally, in the latest sign that New York is making its comeback, the shop is set to reopen on June 10th.

Creating an Equitable Theatre Classroom

Many of the issues facing the theatre industry as it heads down the road to reopening have to do with how hierarchy is navigated - and the way we train theatre practitioners to respond to people in positions of authority. Alli St. John writes for HowlRound about ways to start dismantling the hierarchy of our theatre classrooms.

The Road to Reopening: American Shakespeare Center

Last week, we caught up with ASC's Director of Communications Kelly M. Burdick to learn more about how ASC navigated the last year, what changes they've made in their company, and what their plans are for this summer and beyond

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