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Beehive Dramaturgy Studio Partners with Anticapitalism for Artists

Anticapitalism for Artists was originally founded by Chris Myers on the principle of overcoming racial capitalism, heteropatriarchy, settler-colonialism and imperialism.

Beehive Dramaturgy Studio Partners with Anticapitalism for Artists

Beehive Dramaturgy Studio has announced the launch of a new partnership with a team of artist-organizers including Chris Myers (actor, An Octoroon), Stephanie Borgovan (visual artist), Sofia Goodman (researcher/printmaker), Naiyah Ambros (filmmaker), and Annie Fox (actor) on a new programming series called Anticapitalism for Artists. Anticapitalism for Artists is an inclusive community approach to learning dedicated to raising class consciousness among artists through politically focused offerings accessible to a range of knowledge levels, all on a donation-based pay model.

Anticapitalism for Artists was originally founded by Chris Myers on the principle of overcoming racial capitalism, heteropatriarchy, settler-colonialism and imperialism. It initially took shape last summer in the form of an eight-week course for a small cohort. Now, Beehive will help facilitate a deeper dramaturgical exploration of capitalism's historical effect on art via an array of events about how class intersects with racism, sexism, and ableism, all within the larger context of the theater industry and the arts as a whole.

The launch weekend, March 19-21, 2021, will feature events centered on the theme "Getting Capitalism Out of Art." Events will include a panel titled "What is the role of the artist in revolution?," a teach-in on "Organizing Artists Today," and a community discussion around the question "Radical Hour: If art is not competitive, then what is it?" For details, visit

Chris Myers said, "Anticapitalism for Artists exists to sharpen the context of artists looking to effect social change by expanding their facility with class politics. Beehive, as a visionary collective of dramaturgs, shares a commitment to enhancing the capacities of the artist by strengthening awareness of underlying capitalist realities. I believe we also share a mutual respect for imagining and pursuing courageous ways to transform the landscape of the world for artists."

Now in its fifth year, Beehive Dramaturgy Studio is expanding its ranks to welcome fifteen new Affiliate Dramaturg members: Jess Applebaum, Ashley Chang, Adrian Centeno, Sandra Daley-Sharif, Iyvon Edebiri, Lewis Fender, Ali Keller, Rose Oser, Jocelyn Prince, Phaedra Michelle Scott, Aydan Shahd, Lizzie Stern, Arminda Thomas, Regina Victor and Miriam Weiner. They join co-founding dramaturgs Molly Marinik, Natasha Sinha and Jeremy Stoller, as well as Business Manager Jenna Ready, in making skilled dramaturgy accessible through a range of offerings. To learn more about the Founding and Affiliate Dramaturgs, visit Beehive's website:

"We are thrilled to grow our collective by welcoming a dynamic cohort of insightful and innovative dramaturgs, as well as a timely new partnership with Chris and Anticapitalism for Artists," Beehive's co-founders said in a statement. "By centering the rigorous, artist-led, audience-conscious dramaturgy that we believe in, we hope to continually evolve how best we can engage with the artistic community at large."

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