New York Stage and Film Launches '40 Campaign'

Early pledges include Steve Martin, Tony Shalhoub, John Patrick Shanley, Peter Gallagher, and more.

By: Dec. 05, 2023
New York Stage and Film Launches '40 Campaign'

New York Stage and Film has successfully launched the “NYSAF 40 Campaign: The Foundation of American Storytelling” in honor of their 40th Anniversary in 2025. For nearly four decades, NYSAF has been an integral part of the arts in the U.S. and vital to the creation of thousands of new stories for the stage and screen. This three-year Anniversary Campaign invited members of the artistic community to pledge a yearly meaningful contribution of $2,500 or more to secure a funding base to reach the anniversary.

The first intial 40 pledges are from Debbon Ayer and Rob Morrow, Jon Robin Baitz, Stephen Belber, Bob Boyett, Keith Bunin, Alexandra Cunningham, Diana DiMenna, Rick Elice, Halley Feiffer, Dale Franzen, Peter Gallagher & Paula Harwood, Doug Harmon, Donald Holder & Evan Yionoulis, Tom Hulce, Sheryl Kaller & Scott Zaretsky, Mark Linn-Baker & Christa Justus, Jennifer Manocherian, Judith Manocherian, Steve Martin, Max Mayer & Rebecca Carpenter, Leslie Mayer, Michael Mayer, Neil Mazzella, Kevin McCollum, Drew McCoy & Amy Aquino, Ina Meibach, Marianne Mills, , Stephen & Jesse Nathan, Johanna Pfaelzer & Russell Champa, Daryl Roth, Steven Sater, Tony Shalhoub & Brooke Adams, John Patrick Shanley, John Slattery & Talia Balsam, Jon Tenney & Leslie Urdang, Alex Vassillaros, Terry & Darin Walters, Patti Wettig & Ken Olin, Barbara Whitman and Matt Williams.

“This is so wonderful for every artist that wants to be part of New York Stage and Film to have our alumni understand how NYSAF impacted their work and want to give back,” said Board President, Barbara Manocherian. “We are so grateful for all of the support the founding NYSAF 40 members have given us, and what it means for the whole community.”

The NYSAF 40 Campaign will help ensure that New York Stage and Film will continue to serve hundreds of artists in the development of new work with the flexibility required to meet the specific needs of each project.  For many more years to come, the award-winning company will continue to create a supportive environment at Marist College in Poughkeepsie and in New York City where artists will be able to be in an authentic state of creative discovery, free from critical and commercial pressures. 

Starting this month, NYSAF will begin the second wave of the 40th Anniversary Campaign, inviting pledges of $1,500 and up, per year, between 2023 – 2025. This “Advocates” tier of giving allows for more flexibility, with pledge options for one, two, or three years, with corresponding perks. For more information or to pledge, please visit

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