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Nimma Shimma Rakshas at Tour


9/27/2019 - 12/31/2019



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This is a parody of famous Arabian Nights tale, "Aladdin and the magic lamp". Noted children's playwright "Ratnakar Matkari" penned this play way back in 1963.

This is a story of poor young fisherman Abdulla. One day he finds a bottle in his fishing net. As he opens the bottle, a gentle (Devil/ Genie) appears, This Devil/ Genie is not fully formed, so he can fulfill only half the wish. Understandably, he is called Nimma Shimma Rakshas. When Abdulla asked for a house he gets only half of it. When Abdulla demands a pair of shoes, he gets only one shoe.

But the Devil/ Genie is very friendly and soon he makes Abdulla a rich man. Soon Abdulla gets married to Sultan's beautiful daughter Shahjadi then his greedy neighbor Haseena having a desire to be rich, so she tries to steal the Devil/Genie from Abdulla. And then the evil sorcerer appears and takes away the Devil/ Genie. Fun-filled action follows.

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