Previews: MOULIN ROUGE at Musical Dome Köln

Previews begin October 18th.

By: Aug. 01, 2022


We are still in the middle of summer, enjoying the sun and chatting about the upcoming shows opening later this year all over Austria and Germany. In the meantime, Nils Lunow and his team are working hard on transforming Colognes Musical Dome into the spectacular home of Moulin Rouge. Over 30 chandeliers, numerous fairy lights, the Windmill, and Moulin Rouges's elephant need to find a place in Cologne's famous Musical tent.

Previews: MOULIN ROUGE at Musical Dome Köln
The Musical Dome Work in Progress

Lunow promised a never before seen Musical Dome after the transformation, a spectacular playground for the cast of 38, led by Sophie Berner as Satine, Riccardo Greco as Christian, Gavin Turnbull as Harold Zidler, and Gian Marco Schiaretti as The Duke of Monroth. Broadways Smash Hit will hold its German Opening Night on November 6th, in a Musical Dome we have never seen before. A spectacular hot winter is lying in front of us.

Previews: MOULIN ROUGE at Musical Dome Köln
The Moulin Rouge Dome

Previews start on October 18th, and the show plays from Tuesday to Sunday, with Matinees held on Saturday and Sunday.

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