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Les Trophées De La Comédie Musicale - A.K.A The French Tony Awards - to Take Place June 20th

For this 2021/22 season, 68 shows are eligible.

Les Trophées De La Comédie Musicale - A.K.A The French Tony Awards - to Take Place June 20th

Since its creation in 2017 in France, the ceremony of Trophies of Musicals has been an important event in the profession yearly. For the French, this is the first and only ceremony dedicated to the genre. The ceremony, which takes place in Paris, rewards the artists and all the professions of musicals through twenty categories. This year, after two years of forced absence due to the pandemic, the Trophies of Musicals return on June 20th, 2022, in one of the most emblematic theaters of the French capital, the 2000 seats Casino de Paris.

The Trophies of Musicals were born from the meeting of passionate people of the genre and volunteers already committed through other organizations to develop and promote musicals in France. These organizations became the co-founding entities of the association of the Trophies of Musicals (Kryzensha, Musical Avenue, Broadway in Paris, Musidrama, Regard en Coulisse, and Patrick Niedo, lecturer and musical comedy specialist). They were all keen to create a unifying event to restore the prestige of French musicals and celebrate those who bring it to life in Paris and throughout France.

"Beyond an award ceremony, it is also a great show that we offer. Excerpts from shows, original creations of numbers, and, on the program this year, a tribute to the immense Judy Garland for the centenary of the artist. All of this could not happen without the support of the public through our crowdfunding campaign and our partners," said Christopher Lopez, artistic director of the Trophies of Musicals

For this 2021/22 season, 68 shows are eligible, demonstrating the richness of the offer in France. In addition, more than 12,000 people call for a vote allowing the public to elect their favorite musical (Le Trophée du Public).

Therefore, it is an authentic culture of musicals anchored in France, the culture of a noble and demanding art that the Trophies of Musicals (Les Trophées de la Comédie Musicale) strive to highlight yearly.

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