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The Jackie Mason Musical at The Willow Theatre


12/13/2019 - 12/22/2019


The Willow Theatre

300 Military Trail
Boca Raton,FL 33491
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Phone: (845) 598-2850

The Jackie Mason Musical in Fort Lauderdale

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Up and coming comedienne Sheba Mason lives a block away from her famous father, legendary comic Jackie Mason, 91, in midtown Manhattan.Sheba, 33, inherited her father's name and flair for comedy.But their relationship has been rocky.Sheba, who's also a talented actress, tells the story of her parents' love affair in a light-hearted laughter-filled musical comedy called Both Sides of a Famous Love Affair -- The Jackie Mason Musical. The musical comedy was written by Sheba's mother, Ginger Reiter, a former belly dancer and high school English teacher.The story begins .... where else?In a legendary Miami Beach deli, The Rascal House, back in 1977, where Ginger, a New Jersey transplant who'd just moved to Florida, met the Borscht Belt comic, 25 years her senior, and fell head over heels over the comedian with the quick wit and come-on lines.They had an ongoing relationship for 10 years until Ginger became pregnant. Then Mason proclaimed to the tabloids: "I never met this yenta!, but Ginger won the much publicized Paternity Suit and Jackie paid child support until Sheba was 18.It was no joking matter ...but Sheba and her mother are remarkably free of bitterness. Their story is a poignant tale of love, laughter, kosher delis, show biz, and discovering what is really important in the challenges life that many women face.The play features a cast of six and an impressive original score with songs like "Ode to the Early Bird Special and The Finger.

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