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ALL THE WAY - ZACH Theatre Auditions

Posted: December 5, 2014

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ALL THE WAY - local EPA (2 Days)

ZACH Theatre | Austin, TX

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal

Saturday, December 13, 2014
12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Sunday, December 14, 2014
12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

LOA/LORT minimum - $371/wk

ZACH Theatre's Nowlin Rehearsal Studio
1426 Toomey Road
Austin, TX 78704
The Nowlin Rehearsal Studio is on the South side of the Zach campus.

Equity and non-Equity male and female actors.

Sides will be provided when the appointment is scheduled.

Other Dates
Audition Day 2-Sun 12/14 12:00pm - 8:00pm
Callbacks-Thurs 12/18 5:00pm - 10:00pm
1st Reh- 3/9
Tech Begins- 3/31
1st Preview- 4/8
Press Open- 4/11
Champagne Open- 4/16
Close- 5/10
Perfs run Tues-Sat eve at7:30pm; Sat/Sun matinees at2:30pm.


Director: Dave Steakley
Playwright: Robert Shenkkan
· EPA Rules are in effect.
· A monitor will

notbe provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Emailauditions@zachtheatre.orgwith subject line 'All The Way Austin Auditions'; attach headshot/resume in PDF/Word format with preferred day/time.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.


ALL THE WAY, the 2014 Tony Award winner for Best Play written by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan, is based on Lyndon Baines Johnson's prolific first year as President, and featuring many of the 20th Century's most famous leaders including Martin Luther King, Jr., J. Edgar Hoover, Governor George Wallace, Senator Hubert Humphrey, Secretary of Defense Robert J. McNamara and President Johnson himself. ZACH Theatre's production, directed by Dave Steakley, will be the premiere performance of this play in President Johnson's home state of Texas.

LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON - White male, mid-late 50s. US President and master politician. Brave and brutal, compassionate and cruel, intelligent and insensitive, with an uncanny instinct for the jugular of his allies and adversaries. Possessing a marvelous, often crude sense of humor. Privately a font of extraordinary insecurity and vulnerability.
MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. - African-American male, 30s. Civil rights leader trying hard to keep the movement together through impossible tradeoffs. Charismatic, insightful and conciliatory. Not a saint, but a man of high ideals.
J. EDGAR HOOVER/BYRD/ENSEMBLE - White male, 60s. Ability to differentiate multiple characters a must. Hoover: FBI Director, whose paranoia and desire for power leads him to sanction massive corruption and illegal surveillance. Byrd: Senator from West Virginia; strongly opposed to integration.
HUBERT HUMPHREY/STROM THURMOND/ENSEMBLE - White male, mid-late 50s. Ability to differentiate multiple characters a must. Humphrey: Senator from Minnesota; crusader for civil rights, charismatic speech-maker and leader of Senate liberals; affable, bright, and decent. Thurmond: key member of Southern Caucus; known for vitriolic racist language and extreme views on segregation.
RALPH ABERNATHY/ENSEMBLE - African-American male, late 40s. Ability to differentiate multiple characters a must. Abernathy: reverend, civil rights leader and best friend to MLK; funny, compassionate and devoted.
BOB MOSES/DAVID DENNIS/ENSEMBLE - African-American male, early 30s. Ability to differentiate multiple characters a must. Moses: brilliant civil rights strategist (co-founder of SNCC); known for his calming spiritual presence and total devotion to the movement. Dennis: young civil rights organizer; delivers an emotional, galvanizing speech at the funeral of a civil rights worker.
ROY WILKINS/ENSEMBLE - African-American male, early 60s. Ability to differentiate multiple characters a must. Wilkins: head of NAACP and an expert at legislative strategy; dapper and urbane; very troubled by radical approaches and at times jealous as other civil rights leaders ascend.
STOKELY CARMICHAEL/ENSEMBLE - African-American male, 20s. Ability to differentiate multiple characters a must. Carmichael: civil rights field organizer; bold and unimpressed by authority; a strong advocate for an increasingly more militant approach.
ROBERT MCNAMARA/ EASTLAND/ENSEMBLE - White male, 50s. Ability to differentiate multiple characters a must. McNamara: Secretary of Defense with reputation as a whiz kid; a chief architect of American policy in Vietnam. Eastland: Senator (Mississippi) and key roadblock to civil rights legislation; a plantation owner and virulent racist.
GEORGE WALLACE/WALTER REUTHER/ENSEMBLE - White male, late 40s-50s. Ability to differentiate multiple characters a must. Wallace: racist, outspoken, brash and colorful, a political opportunist and thorn in LBJ’s side. Reuther: plain-spoken union leader and ardent ally of the civil rights movement.
JUDGE SMITH/ EVERETT DIRKSEN/ENSEMBLE - White male, late 50s-60s. Ability to differentiate multiple characters a must. Smith: a staunch segregationist and unscrupulous wheeler-dealer. Dirksen: famously pompous Senate Majority Leader from Illinois; likes the sound of his own voice.
RICHARD RUSSELL/ENSEMBLE - White male, late 60s. Ability to differentiate multiple characters a must. Russell: major southern leader in Senate; mentor and close friend to LBJ; an ardent racist but known for his polite and decorous manner and commitment to party unity.
WALTER JENKINS/ENSEMBLE - White male, 40s. Ability to differentiate multiple characters a must. Jenkins: LBJ’s long-suffering, loyal Chief of Staff; raised in Texas, has been with LBJ from the beginning, becoming a surrogate son; deftly arranges tumult of calls and meetings.
STANLEY LEVISON/SEYMORE TRAMMEL/ENSEMBLE - White male, 40s. Ability to differentiate multiple characters a must. Levison: jewish businessman and former Communist from New York; chief advisor to MLK; plain-spoken realist. Trammel: officially a campaign aide but in reality a bagman for Wallace; physically intimidating but definitely subordinate to Wallace.
LADY BIRD JOHNSON/KATHERINE GRAHAM/ENSEMBLE - White female, late 40s-early 50s. Ability to differentiate multiple characters a must. Lady Bird: First Lady; an ideal political wife; committed above all to her husband’s political schedule, socializing and emotional needs; possessed of surprising spine when necessary. Graham: high-powered publisher of Washington Post; alleged to have had an affair with LBJ.
LURLEEN WALLACE/MURIEL HUMPRHEY/ENSEMBLE - White female, late 30s-early 40s. Ability to differentiate multiple characters a must. Lurleen: dutiful homemaker and First Lady of Alabama; adores Wallace. Muriel Humphrey: very intelligent, able to strategize at a high level with her husband; it’s a marriage of soul mates.
FANNIE LOU HAMER/CORETTA SCOTT KING/ENSEMBLE - African-American female, 30s. Ability to differentiate multiple characters a must. Hamer: a former sharecropper turned civil rights leader; uneducated, irrepressible and inspiring. King: married to MLK; committed to him and to the cause but troubled by his exhausting travel schedule and the infidelities she suspects.

ALL roles will be understudied.

Actors unable to attend this call may submit headshot and resume

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