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Church and State at Chestnut Street Playhouse


10/10/2019 - 10/20/2019


Chestnut Street Playhouse

24 Chestnut Street
Norwich,CT 06360
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$15 $25 $27
Phone: 860-886-2378

Church and State in Connecticut

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Connecticut Premier!!Church and State: Three days before his bid for re-election, in the wake of a school shooting in his hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, a Republican U.S. senator makes an off-the-cuff comment to a blogger that gets leaked on the Twitter, calling into question the senators stance on guns and God. As his devoutly Christian wife and liberal Jewish campaign manager try to contain the damage, this look at how religion influences politics and how politics has become a religion is simultaneously funny, heartbreaking, and uplifting.DIRECTOR'S NOTE One of my favorite hobbies, when I have some time down, is to read new plays. Ill go online, browse through a website, and pick the titles or premises that call out to me. Church and State caught my eye, and I ordered it immediately. Im grateful that I decided to do so, because I believe this show is very special.This show does something that is almost unheard of in todays political and social climate, it forces discussion. It seems like the days of having a civilized conversation with someone who has opposite views as you have all but vanished. People automatically put up their guard, and start barking at each other, without any chance of a true conversation to be had. This show takes a few very heavy subjects and plays them out in front of us delicately and without bias. The playwright did a masterful job of walking the line and making sure that this show could be relevant to all.So please, enjoy the show. I, and everyone else on the board here at CSP, feel that it is an important piece to be seen. Come in with an open heart, and an open mind. Once the lights come up and the show is done, dont be afraid to have a conversation with your fellow audience members. The theatre is a safe space, and will stay that way, take advantage and learn something from someone you may have otherwise just shrugged off. In a world that is so polarized right now, the best thing we can do is reach across, shake our neighbors hand, and talk.Thank you and enjoy the showBobby Schultz

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