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REMEMBERING JAMES - THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF JAMES BROWN Makes Tour Stop at The Aronoff Center for the Arts


The new Jukebox Musical, about the Life and Music of James Brown covering the years of 1951-1968.

REMEMBERING JAMES - THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF JAMES BROWN Makes Tour Stop at The Aronoff Center for the Arts

Remembering James starring Dedrick Weathersby- Entertained the masses at The Aronoff Center for the Arts.

The new Jukebox Musical, about the Life and Music of James Brown covering the years of 1951-1968.

The musical Remembering James is continuing its own history: From being commissioned by San Francisco's Boxcar Theatre, to having a national tour from 2019 to retiring from the stage after the Mass Gathering Ban, result of the National Pandemic against COVID-19 Virus.

This show covered alot of historical events to compliment the music and dialogue; with proven box office success, Remembering James looks to keep picking up steam.

Such goals have not been an impediment to Dedrick Weathersby, a Award Winning actor and writer, who assembled a remarkable cast and band ensemble: The story involves a seven piece band, three actors and four dancers, which seldom employs blackouts for scene changes, but rather flows cinematically from one moment to the next, sometimes juxtaposing backstage and onstage moments simultaneously.

Weathersby' cast features E'tian Parker as Bobby Byrd, NaTusha Howard as Velma Warren Brown, William Griffin as Pee Wee Ellis, Abran Davis as a Famous Flame, Jordan Burns as a Famous Flame, Dusharme Davis as SuperBad Girl and Sheryl Lucky as SuperBad Girl; and Dedrick Weathersby takes on the title role as James Brown. Weathersby who sings several show hits, especially the iconic ballad song, "It's a Man's Man's World", as well as the cross over favorite, "I Feel Good (I Got You)." Weathersby's performance have you leaning on every note sung or word spoken.

E'tian Parker is Bobby Byrd, The best friend and right hand man of James Brown. From the opening monologue to the exit of Mr. Byrd, without given away the hidden gems, E'tian captivates you with his smooth and confident acting. The Austin Texas resident, will have you believing you're in Mr. Byrd's southern home in 1978. He has an open conversation with the audience, while navigating the production through 1951-1968.

Natasha Howard is Velma Warren Brown. Shes a sultry church vocalist and a wife to James Brown. From her opening monologue, she grabs you with her voice and speaks intimately with the audience and controls every aspect of her words; Howard touches every emotions with her monologue, leaving you wanting more from her character. Might be a question for the writer, Dedrick Weathersby.

Within the front line of the music, credit goes to William "Will Roc" Griffin (Musical Director) Hearing the music played live, brought back memories to my grandmother who was my plus one for the night. Mr. Griffin has done exceptionally well with the band and have them synchronized together.

The fact of the matter, this show is about James Brown and Bobby Byrd but the show wouldn't be complete without "The Famous Flames". Jordan Burns is a complete stand out, a Chicago resident, it's clear of his extensive experience in performance and dance. When Burns places the cape on Weathersby during the number "This is a Man's World", it was a overwhelming crowd favorite. Burns, handled his role very well and added flavor to each dance numbers. Abran was a great compliment to Jordan during the Famous Flames dance numbers. The Choreography performed by the Flames is complimentary to EK Bonner, a Longview Texas.

It was great to see the representation of women dancers, DuSharme and Sheryl handled their own, with fierce stage presence. It added to the overall value and quality of the show. My grandmother was a regional dancer and she knew their dance moves, which proves the research and talent of Sheryl the captain and choreographer of the SuperBad Girls.

Dedrick with his many hats' add the period costuming - especially letterman jackets, classic tuxedo vest and cardigan sweaters for The Band - fully evokes the look of stepping into the time in the 1950s and 60's. Truth to tell, there's a lot that comes at you for 90 minutes. In fact, the show moves so fluidly and effortless, it leaves the audience wanting more. It keeps the show exciting and thoroughly entertaining. Trust me, you couldn't leave the theater without hearing "I wanted more", " That's the fastest 90 minutes i experienced in a show" and " I wish they had more than one show".

Weathersby's vision is truly one to see, its not a concert but have a theatrical foundation with concert themes. One patron mentioned "Its good to have Broadway and Broadway caliber shows in Cincinnati". This production can go in any direction it pleases, albeit Touring, Broadway, Vegas or licensing it for more Theatre entities to perform this show. The sky is the limit and it has strong enough legs to stand on independently. It's a timeless show with never aging Music that simply makes you feel good, think deeply and remember the Legend and Icon James Brown.

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