Lineup Announced for M1 Chinese Theatre Festival in Singapore

Lineup Announced for M1 Chinese Theatre Festival in Singapore

In every edition since 2011, "M1 Chinese Theatre Festival" has brought to local audiences an eclectic mix of quality local Chinese theatre, and high calibre regional works which no other arts festival will bring.

2017 is no different. Currently into its sixth instalment, the spirit of the festival has always been to "connect" and "collide". It connects audiences from all walks of life with artists of all strokes into an intimate space. In this shared space, collisions happen: through debate and dialogue, in which a common resonance is formed. Both sides glean new revelations and insights, some of which are larger than life itself.

It connects diverse works of all genres, only common in their intimacy. From the mainstream to the experimental, from being family-friendly to addressing edgy themes and controversies. In this melting pot, collisions happen through discourse and exchange. This creative chaos inspires new perspectives, through multiple expressions and narratives.

This year, M1 Chinese Theatre Festival 2017 continues to build upon this spirit and reach out to audiences of different ages and stratum. Look forward to quality theatre performances with zest and zeal, sharing the charm and magnetism of intimate theatre with everyone.

The wee Question Mark and the Nameless - A Family Musical

It is indeed quite tricky for one to be nameless. How do others address him? If his look changes, how can others recognise him? If he disappears, how can others make a police report?

The wee Question Mark and friends met someone nameless. He was so old that he could not remember his name. Or perhaps he had been staying in the mountains with his cattle and sheep for too long -- his herd did not need to address him by his name. The wee Question Mark and friends wanted to give "Nameless" a name, but they could not agree on one.

Emerging from the storms weathered in The wee Question Mark and the Adventurer, join the wee friends in the second instalment The wee Question Mark and the Nameless! The creative team reunites to bring you this fun family musical, telling a reinterpreted fable, complete with frivolous narrative and enthralling songs!

The Seven Silences: Anger

The Seven Silences is a developing series of works continuously published by approaching theatre. The Seven Silences: Anger, adapted from Seven Deadly Sins written by the Hong Kong writer Wong Bik Wan, is a story about several lower society people: prostitutes, unemployed workers, thieves and charwomen. They live in a dilapidated public house. These ghost-like people gather in a net of fate, bearing indifference and social injustice towards them. In this miserable spot, these faceless people fight for survival. While humanity is degrading, the reality is turning wild.

The Little Child

The boy did his homework beside his sleeping father. He was not good at math, but he could deal with the intravenous drip well, even with his eyes closed: he did this every day and night. One day, a shining cloud took his father into the sky. In order to bring his father back, the boy started an adventure in the unpredictable world of the clouds.

Blank Run

In a strange and isolated room, a girl reacquainted with the confounding details of her past. Her story is ambiguous. Yet, the room insists that something traumatic had happened to her. This surreal fever dream or nightmare is the site of post-trauma. Blank Run is a viscerally arresting investigation of the girl's memory. It is a memory landscape combining video installation, soundscape, physical theatre and multi-lingual text in its multi-sensory storytelling. It is a jigsaw puzzle, with each element constructing its own version of "what really happened".

Lu Xun Blossoms

Lu Xun Blossoms is a mixture of LU XUN's famous works. KONG YIJI never gotten the chance to receive education. He always felt that he is different from the rest, aloof from worldly affairs. He's starving, but never took off his beat-up gown. XIANG LINSAO, a woman who died in Blessing Ceremony, is a woman who represented thousands of women during that time.

1 Table 2 Chairs Experimental Series

One table. Two Chairs. Twenty Minutes. Three Artists.

The rules have been set. The rest is free creation.

This year, a diverse group of 9 young artists from various backgrounds, disciplines and nationalities will be invited for a four-day artist residency and creative retreat. Their process will be documented and a series of presentations will mark the end of this residency. Working under exquisite pressure, the possibilities are endless.

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