8/F PLATFORM XI - A TIME TRAVELLER'S NOTE Opens Next Friday!Diving into parallel space-time, the dancers communicate authentically in the virtual world. Puzzles of precious moments await completion. In the experimental dance festival of the Hong Kong Dance Company - 8/F Platform XI - for two consequent weeks in December, dancers from the Hong Kong Dance Company, Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company (Taiwan) and JJbro (Korea), escape from the World Wide Web to define WHO - WHEN - WHERE - in real life. 8/F Platform XI - A Time Traveller's Note will be staged on 8-9, 15-16 December at Sheung Wan Civic Centre - Hong Kong Dance Company's 8/F Platform.

Presented by the Hong Kong Dance Company, the "8/F Platform" is a dance laboratory that embraces choreography, performance, education, demonstration, multi-disciplinary collaboration, and audience development. The Platform aims to bring together audiences, dancers and artists, encourage exchange and interaction, and serve as a catalyst for creativity. As we enter our 11th year, the Company looks forward to bringing local and international dance groups/dancers together in December to enjoy, to share and to celebrate for the annual mini experimental dance festival.

Programme 1

8-9.12.2017 (Fri - Sat) 7:45pm?9.12.2017 (Sat) 3:00pm

O by Hong Kong Dance Company

Choreographer - Li Han

Associate Choreographer - He Yongning

Performers - Tang Ya, He Yongning, Kwong Lai-ping, Lam Yin-yi, Wang Wenjie, Chan Man-kwan, Lee Hoi-tung

Lighting Designer - Shum Yuen-wa

In the midst of darkness, a darting light,

Searching, burning in vain,

Clinging on to a serendipitous encounter;

Surrender at last,

A ray of light awaits in the dark.

Anticipate, a new coming.

Principal dancer of the Hong Kong Dance Company Li Han reconciles himself to undefined love and regret through delicate breaths and steps of reframed traditional Korean female dance with contemporary receipt.

Li Han graduated from the Department of Chinese Folk Dance at the Beijing Dance Academy in 2007, majoring in Performance and Education. At the 8th Taoli Cup, his performance of the Dai Dance In the Forest and his Korean-style dance combination has earned him the Outstanding Solo Performance Award. His performance in the group Tibetan Dance The Nearest Person to the Sun was also given a first-class award. Li was later admitted to the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and was awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree in 2009. During this period, he was awarded the Asian Cultural Council Scholarship, sponsored by Citibank, to study at the prestigious Ailey School of Dance in New York.

Li joined the Hong Kong Dance Company in 2010. Among his main roles are Wang Rong in Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove, Cang in Masquerade, Lip Fung in Storm Clouds, Father in The Legend of Mulan (2015), Ning Caichen in L'Amour Immortel, Invincible in Chinese Hero: A Lone Exile and Xu Xian in Lady White of West Lake.

He was awarded "Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer" at the 2016 Hong Kong Dance Awards for his performance in L'Amour Immortel. In April 2017, he was appointed Principal Dancer at the Hong Kong Dance Company.

The Great Man by JJbro (Korea)

Choreographer - Pyo Sangman, Choi Wonsuck

Performer - Pyo Sangman

In the 30-minutes solo dance, the life of a father, the core of the family, is illustrated. Coloured by classical music, Korean traditional songs, raindrops and tears, the dancer sends his sincere love to his father through unbounded traditional and contemporary movements.

Based in Seoul, Korea, JJbro was founded by dancers/choreographers Jun Heungryeol and Pyo Sang-man in 2015. It observes and interprets social phenomena from a male perspective and sensibility, bringing up diverse and challenging talking points. It aims to interact widely with today's world through various expressive presentations that are not bound to modern dance

Programme 2

15-16.12.2017 (Fri - Sat) 7:45pm?15.12.2017 (Sat) 3:00pm

But Now We See

by Hong Kong Dance Company

Choreographer - Chen Rong

Lighting Designer - Maggie Law

Music Editor/Video Designer - Lau Wing-sze

Video/Animation Designer - Ng Wing-yam

Video Designer - Wang Liyan

Text - Su Ziyu

Performers - He Chaoya, He Ho-fei, Sun Gongwei, Tong Chi-man, Tsai Yuen-on, Kwong Lai-ping, Liu Wai-yee, Hou Xuchen, Wang Cheng-meng

Senior dancer of the Hong Kong Dance Company Chen Rong wonders why people don't meet face to face these days, why they talk without opening their mouths... Are smartphones smart? Let him answer with moves combining traditional Chinese ethnic dance and street dance.

Chen Rong graduated from the affiliated school of the Beijing Dance Academy before entering the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts on a full scholarship. He joined the Hong Kong Dance Company in 2002. Three years later, he received an Asian Cultural Council scholarship sponsored by Citibank, which enabled him to take classes at the Alvin Ailey School in New York. Among his major works are Suppressed Romance (Hong Kong performance and Guangdong tour), Angel Falls, The Legend of Mulan, Qingming Riverside and Snow Fox; he was the lead dancer in Two Swallows-Ode to Wu Guanzhong, the singer in Plateau Bluebells, solo dancer in Feng Shui, a member of the pas de trois "Cradle on the Ox's Back" in Glamour of Chinese Ethnic Dance and the Fool in Red Poppies and Yan Chixia in L'Amour Immortel. He has also choreographed for 8/F Platform's Dancing Emotions and Fly.Chen received a Hong Kong Dance Award in 2008 for his portrayal of Hu Le in Angel Falls and Dongfang Bubai in The Smiling, Proud Wanderer.


by Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company (Taiwan)

Choreographer/Performer - Luo Wen-jinn

Associate Choreographer/Performer - Li Pei-shan

Composer/Keyboard/Vocal - Wen Yin-chang

Composer/Double bass - Lee Meng-lien

Composer/Percussion - Tsai Yi-cheng

Lighting Designer - Guan Yun-xiang

Installation Technician - Kuo Shu-ling

"We were a heap of living creatures, irritated, embarrassed at ourselves, we hadn't the slightest reason to be there, none of us, each one, confused, vaguely alarmed, felt in the way in relation to others." - Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea

Dripping is inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre's novel Nausea. Existence is not just a philosophical concept: it is a choice of behaviour arising from one's own consciousness every day. Existence is a true and strange being. What choice would one make for the sake of his/her own freedom?

Founded in 1989 in Tainan city, Taiwan, and now led by its Artistic Director Luo Wen-jinn and its producer Lui Wen-chun, Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company (SCDC) is committed to cultivating the communication channels between contemporary dance and other types of arts. In collaboration with outstanding dancers, choreographers and artists from different fields, SCDC aims to explore distinctive and innovative choreography and performance forms, in reflection of daily life and society.


In the experimental dance festival of the Hong Kong Dance Company - 8/F Platform XI - for two consequent weeks in December, dancers from the Hong Kong Dance Company, Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company (Taiwan) and JJbro (Korea), escape from the World Wide Web to define WHO - WHEN - WHERE - in real life.

8-9 [Programme 1], 15-16 [Programme 2] Dec 2017 $210 (Each programme)

Online Booking: www.art-mate.net

Programme Enquiries: 3103 1810 / www.hkdance.com

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