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Student Blog: Ways to Grow as a Performer This Summer If You're Not in A Show


There are plenty of ways to grow as an artist this summer even if you aren't in a show.

Student Blog: Ways to Grow as a Performer This Summer If You're Not in A Show

Live theatre is finally coming back. Well, kind of. A lot of theatres, especially community theatres, aren't coming back quite yet or having smaller casts than normal. That means that a lot of people who typically are singing their hearts out on stage aren't able to do so just yet. One of those people is unfortunately me. I could just sit in my room and mope, but instead I've decided to use all the extra free time to grow as an artist and a performer. Here are some ways to stretch your actor brain with all this extra free time you might suddenly have.

  • Get a summer job

Now a summer job might seem like a strange way to stretch your actor brain, but hear me out. Life experience makes you a better actor in general. It makes you more empathetic towards people, especially people who aren't the most understanding . It also teaches you patience, whether you're dealing with screaming children or annoyed customers. Patience is important as theatre people because we do a lot of waiting after auditions, during rehearsals, and more.

  • Read books

I absolutely love reading books. It is a great way to grow as an artist too! Books allow us to explore worlds and people we otherwise wouldn't encounter. This could be anything from a Greek god to a fairy to an average teen. There is also always the option to read books written about or by people from the theatre industry. This allows you the inside scope into the theatre world.

  • Take classes or do workshops

Taking classes or doing workshops is a great way to improve as a performer. This could be as simple as taking voice lessons or dance classes at a local studio. There also are really awesome online workshops just click away. My favorites include Broadway Plus and Broadway Weekend at Home. In workshops and classes, you learn areas of improvement and how to fix them to be the best performer possible.

  • Practice, practice, practice

As cheesy as it sounds, practice really does make perfect. During the summer is the perfect time to brush up on monologues, songs, or dances from the previous year or to learn brand new pieces for your audition book or just for fun. This makes your life so much easier when the fall rolls around, and you'll perform more often.

  • Watch theatre

Watching other artists perform is honestly one of the most inspiring things on the entire planet. Watching theatre is super accessible too. Go out and try to watch live theatre if you can. Otherwise, live streamed theatre or even movie musicals are always an option.

  • Work out

Staying in shape is a great way to spend the extra free time. Yoga, running, dance, or whatever your workout of choice are ways to stay active when you aren't in a show. You'll be thankful later when you are back to performing in an hour plus shows and need stamina.

  • Work on your audition book

Going through your audition book on a regular basis is a great idea. It allows you to figure out what pieces are getting stale and need to be replaced. It is also a good idea to figure out where there are gaps in your audition book so you are better prepared for your next audition.

  • Explore the world

Life experience is a great way to grow as a performer. Exploring the world is a great way to gain new experiences. This could be going on vacation to a new place or hiking or thrifting. It can be any activity that pushes you beyond your comfort zone.

  • Write

Writing is a great way to process emotions, which is super important for performers. Performers are constantly putting emotions out on stage, and it's important to process them in a safe space. There are also so many ways to write. You could keep a diary, or write a song, or create a poem.

  • Relax

I don't know about anyone else, but I tend to forget to take time to relax. For a lot of us, we spend all the school year working and being a part of theatre, and then when summer rolls around, we decide to do even more theatre. It is nice to take time to relax. Some ways I love to wind down is to watch tv, spend time with friends, listen to music, or go for a walk.

However you are spending your summer, I hope that it is productive and relaxing. There are so many ways to improve as an artist whether through life experiences or practice or taking classes. Stretching your actor brain will make you better prepared and rested for next school year.

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