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Student Blog: My Favorite Songs from the Bridgerton Concept Album


Here are some of my favorite songs from the Bridgerton Concept Album!

The year of 2020 allowed for a new type of musical to be created: Tiktok musicals. Most of them are based on popular works, think of the Ratatouille musical. My personal favorite has been the Bridgerton musical created by the amazing team of Bear and Barlow. I had been listening to Abigail Barlow's music for a while when she began to work on the Bridgerton. Needless to say, I became obsessed rather quickly and couldn't wait for the concept album to come out. Here are some of my favorite songs from the album!

  • Tis the Season

This song is one of my favorite openers of a musical ever. It gives me the same energy as the opener of Into the Woods. I love the fact that it introduces the personalities and family dynamics of all the characters. One of my favorite moments of the song is when we are introduced to Anthony and Serena. The music really shows how intense their affair is. Both characters sound breathless and in love with each other.

  • If I Were A Man

This wasn't one of my favorites based on the original Tiktok videos. However, the orchestrations really make this song come to life. The jazzy swing feel really embodies the character of Elosies. I also love how Barlow plays with dynamics and pitch to make the song really fun and catchy.

  • Penelope Featherington

Penelope is probably my favorite character in Bridgerton. She is just sweet and relatable. This song is amazing. I love the way it feels like a waltz. It makes it really dreamy. All of the literary devices make the song very powerful. I also feel like the song is really relatable to college students because a lot of us have experienced unrequited love and not feeling good enough.

Student Blog: My Favorite Songs from the Bridgerton Concept Album
Spoiler Alert: Penelope Featherington is actually Lady Whistledown
  • Fool for You

This was my favorite song before the album came out, and it still is. Despite being the shortest song in the album, it packs a powerful punch. The orchestrations just add to the intensity of the song. The riffs in this song are also just gorgeous.

  • Friend Turned Foe

This is one of the few songs we get to see the focus be on the male characters. I love how intense it gets as the stakes grow. The tempo increases. Even though I know how the scene ends, it still makes me anxious to hear that gunshot at the end.

  • Burn for You

Of course "Burn for You" has to be included on this list. It is probably the best known song from this Tik Tok musical. It really captures the moment that Daphne and the Duke realize the feelings for you. It captures the sensual nature of that scene so well. It is so powerful and intense.

  • Burned Me Instead

This song really came out of nowhere for me. It is a reprise of "Burn For You." This is really one of the few ballads in the album and it is so sad, but powerful. You can just feel the heartbreak of this song. Honestly, I cried the first time I heard this song.

Here's hoping this album follows the lead of concept albums before it, like Hamilton, and makes it to Broadway. I think this show would be a smash hit loved by both theatre and non-theatre fans alike. There is already a great fanbase. It just needs to be taken to the stage.

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