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Adirondack Theatre Festival Announces Cancellation of Summer Season; Introduces ATF ON DEMAND

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Adirondack Theatre Festival Announces Cancellation of Summer Season; Introduces ATF ON DEMAND

Adirondack Theatre Festival has released the following statement regarding the cancellation of their summer programming:

After exhausting every possible option that would allow ATF to stay open this summer, unfortunately we have reached a point where the realistic barriers (safety, social distancing, finances, housing, union restrictions, etc.) outweigh our optimistic goals. We're of course heartbroken by this scenario. Let's face it: it sucks. Sorry mom - I know I should watch my language, but in the face of a pandemic, screw it:


Okay, now that I've typed all the vowels out of my system, I realize that this situation is only temporary. We'll be back. And our 2021 season is going to be INCREDIBLE.


Sorry, I thought I got it all out before. I lied. I'm good now. I think.

(Beat. Waits to make sure. Awkward silence.)

Ooookaaaay. So yes, we're bummed to not perform this summer. But what's most upsetting is that we can't be open to drive business to Downtown Glens Falls. We take great pride in being one of the leading economic drivers for our community and are deeply concerned for the many businesses who have so generously sponsored us and kept us going for more than 25 years.

For that reason, we're launching a fundraising campaign aimed to support our local restaurants & shops while also helping ATF sustain the tremendous financial loss this year. It's simple: when you make a donation, we'll give you exclusive access to ATF content you can watch on demand from the comfort of your own home. We call it...brace yourself for this clever name...wait for it...are you ready? it is: ATF ON DEMAND. Catchy name, right? I either spent 15hrs coming up with it or 15 seconds, you decide.

Part of your donation will grant you access to that digital platform (details below). And $25 of every donation will go towards purchasing a gift card to the local restaurant or shop of your choosing which we'll mail to you. While we regret that we can't perform for you live, we still want you to be able to relive what it would be like. And that means going out to a delicious local restaurant or shopping at a favorite local shop before an ATF show. Your donation helps support us as well as our community.

With the loss of our season as well as our Benefit (our largest annual fundraiser) the impact on ATF is significant. Your donation will help us continue to support our artists and staff, handle the notable loss of income, and weather the storm so that we can be prepared to perform for you LIVE when it is safe to do so. Please donate what you can. In the meantime, we're working hard to create innovative and exciting off-season experiences for you, so stay tuned!

To donate and gain access to ATF ON DEMAND, visit Thank you for your support. And remember to remain artistically close but socially distant!

Chad Rabinovitz

Producing Artistic Director

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