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  3. Twistin' to the Fallout Shelter

Twistin' to the Fallout Shelter at Pangea


12/7/2019 at 7:00 PM



178 Second Avenue
New York, 10003
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Tickets Info

$20 online, $25 at the door
Phone: 212-995-0900

Twistin' to the Fallout Shelter in Cabaret

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Monica Passin sings and tells tales of her life, and the world at large, in 1962. She was five. Blessedly unaware of the threat of nuclear annihilation, Monica saw a world of people dancing and having fun, responding with the biggest dance craze of all, the Twist! Her father had danced on television, and her parents met mamboing. When she reached for the toes of Chubby Checker, on stage in a sharkskin suit in the Catskills, the die was cast for a life of music and dance and a culture swap that maybe, just maybe, could save the world.

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