WALKING DEAD Producers Warn at Comic Con: Opening Minutes of Season 5 Will Shock You!

WALKING DEAD Producers Warn at Comic Con: Opening Minutes of Season 5 Will Shock You!

According to CinemaBlend.com, producers of AMC's hit series The Walking Dead have warned fans at this weekend's Comic Con in San Diego, that the opening minutes of the highly anticipated fith season of the show will be shocking.

Producers revealed that the first six minutes of the show's return will be "brutal, intense, and that some of the shocks even the cast didn't expect."

Cast member Andrew Lincoln commented, "All of us were just dumbstruck and said, 'We're not going to be able to show this. We're not going to be able to show this'...We are showing it."

Showrunner Scott Gimple and executive producer Greg Nicotero jointly came up with the storyline but did not let the cast in on the details until filming began. Explains Nicotero, "I remember when we were filming it, the other actors had no idea how I choreographed things. So when certain events occur during those first few minutes, everyone's reaction was 'Holy s--t, did I just see what I think I just saw?'... I didn't want these guys to know what was coming up, and it worked really well."

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About The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead is an American television drama series developed by Frank Darabont and is based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, one of the most successful and popular series of all time. AMC's The Walking Dead captures the ongoing human drama following a zombie apocalypse. The series follows a group of survivors led by police of?cer Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln (Love Actually, Teachers, Strike Back), who are travelling in search of a safe and secure home. The series has been very well received by both fans and critics, having been nominated for countless awards including a Writers Guild of America Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series Drama.

The series has also attained strong Nielsen ratings, beating various records for a cable series, including receiving 10.9 million viewers for its season three premiere to become the most watched basic cable telecast in history. Jon Bernthal (The Pacic, Ghost Rider), Rick's sheriff's department partner before apocalypse and Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break) is Rick's wife Lori Grimes. Additional cast include: Lori Holden, Steven Yuen, Norman Reedus, Jeffrey DeMunn, Chandler Riggs, Iron E. Singleton and Melissa McBride. Guest stars include: Lauren Cohan, Scott Wilson and Pruitt Taylor Vince.

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