VIDEO: Sneak Peek - 'Cold Shower' Episode of ABC's MALIBU COUNTRY

On the next episode of the ABC comedy MALIBU COUNTRY entitled "Cold Shower" - Reba volunteers to host Kim's baby shower, and Kim's stepson Sage films her every move to document the celebration for her unborn child. But Reba finds herself in a bit of a pickle when she says some unkind things about Kim -- not realizing that the camera is rolling -- and tries to pin the blame on Kim's friend, Brooke (Heather Dubrow, "The Real Housewives of Orange County").

Meanwhile, June struggles with her crush on Sage -- who claims to be gay -- and Lillie Mae tries to help a clueless Cash to get a group of beautiful Miss All-American Teen Pageant girls to notice him. The episode airs FRIDAY, JANUARY 11 (8:31-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Get a sneak peek below!

"Malibu Country" stars Reba as Reba, Lily Tomlin as Lillie Mae, Sara Rue as Kim, Justin Prentice as Cash, Juliette Angelo as June and Jai Rodriguez as Geoffrey.

Guest starring are Heather Dubrow as Brooke, Diane Le as Miss Pennsylvania and Bailey Noble as Miss North Dakota.

"Cold Shower" was written by Dave Bickel and directed by Andrew D. Weyman.

VIDEO: Sneak Peek - 'Cold Shower' Episode of ABC's MALIBU COUNTRY