It is the single most debated event of the 20th century: the JFK Assassination. According to the official story, Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy, and he acted alone. But today, one in three Americans believes there was a conspiracy to kill the president and to cover it up. In "Mysteries at the Museum Special: JFK Assassination," premiering on Wednesday, November 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, host Don Wildman travels to Dallas to reopen the investigation. He'll bring eyewitnesses to the assassination back to the very spot they stood on November 22, 1963. He'll dust off 50-year-old findings and conduct new experiments to see how they hold up. And, he'll examine brand new evidence to help solve the greatest mystery of them all: did Oswald really do it?

Wildman follows the investigators' trail in the immediate aftermath of the shooting to learn what evidence was UNCOVERED in those crucial first hours. He inspects the location of a sniper's nest found in the Texas School Book Depository and digs into one of the most contested pieces of evidence tying Lee Harvey Oswald to the crime - Oswald's palm print lifted from the rifle found at the scene. In an effort to sort through the controversies surrounding the print, Wildman talks to a certified fingerprint examiner to learn more about fingerprinting methods in the mid-1960s.

But perhaps the greatest controversy surrounds the shots themselves. Wildman enlists the help of experts and even brings a full-scale replica of the presidential limousine to Dallas to track the trajectory of the so-called "magic bullet." Finally, Wildman delves into the fatal "back and to the left" headshot that killed JFK, infamously captured in the Zapruder film. He speaks with Bill Newman, the closest eyewitness to that moment, and Dr. Nick Nalli, author of a brand new scientific analysis of the president's head wound based on minute observations in the Zapruder film. In the end, Wildman realizes the body of evidence can only add up to one possible conclusion...and that the truth behind the KENNEDY Assassination can be found.

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