THIRTEEN Announces Reel 13 Film Lineup for December

THIRTEEN Announces Reel 13 Film Lineup for December

From a pact with the devil to an heiress with only months to live, several of December's Reel 13 offerings grapple with matters of mortality.

Independents "The Accidental Death of Joey by Sue" and "Barking Water" share the thematic bill with Hollywood classics "Angel on My Shoulder" and "Dark Victory" respectively.

Every Saturday night beginning at 9 p.m., viewers can catch a Classic hosted by film historian Neal Gabler, followed by an Indie, hosted by Richard Peña.

The evening concludes with a Short selected by visitors to who vote for their favorite of three shorts every week.

"Soldier in the Rain" (1963) Dir: Ralph Nelson
An Army supply sergeant's tragic hero is a portly master sergeant (Jackie Gleason) who knows his way around. With Steve McQueen and Tuesday Weld.
"Made in Dagenham" (2010) Dir: Nigel Cole
The story of a 1968 Ford strike, where female workers walked out in protest against sexual discrimination. With Sally Hawkins, Bob Hoskins, and Miranda Richardson.

"Angel On My Shoulder" (1946) Dir: Archie Mayo
A deceased gangster makes a deal with the devil. With Paul Muni, Anne Baxter, and Claude Rains.
"The Accidental Death of Joey by Sue" (2010) Dir: Neal Thibedeau and Sarah Louise Wilson
A young couple has 24 hours to decide if their love should live or die. With Steve Talley, Mercedes Le Anza and Lin Shaye

"Dark Victory" (1939) Dir: Edmund Goulding (please note 11pm start time)
Bette Davis stars as an heiress with only months to live, embarking on a social whirl. With Humphrey Bogart and George Brent.
"Barking Water" (2009) Dir: Sterlin Harjo
Frankie is dying. Irene hasn't forgiven him. And they are racing against time to find their way home. With Casey Camp-Horinek, Richard Ray Whitman and Jon Proudstar

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